10 shoppers that belong in the Walmart “Hall of Fame” – and not in a good way

Walmart is infamous for being loaded with shoppers who haven’t exactly spent time getting ready to go out (or if they have, they’ve missed the mark spectacularly).

Why Walmart shoppers have a reputation as people who will make you do a double-take has been long-debated. Is it simply because it’s a discount store? (Target is as well, despite its up-market advertising.) Maybe it’s because many are open 24 hours and 3 AM shoppers tend to be less…well, dressed.

Of course, now that Walmart has this reputation, it appears that shoppers are just trying to outdo each other on the weirdo scale.

Then again, some people are just literally the worst (we’re looking at you, lady in #5).

These 10 people embody the stereotype (fair or not) of Walmart shoppers – and not in a good way.

1. Have a seat

When this photo of a woman literally sitting on the apples first appeared, many assumed it was an employee because of her vest.

But both shoppers and employees have confirmed that this is not a Walmart uniform. This is just a woman in a vest sitting on other people’s produce while she bags her bananas. As one does.

NibbatoPrime/Reddit Source: NibbatoPrime/Reddit

2. A good man is hard to find

Look no further, ladies (sorry, FEMALES)! The man of your dreams is here, at Walmart.

No worries about wondering if he’s single or how to get in touch with him – he’s made it easy.

We’re going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he’s referring to human females.

WittyUserNamex/Reddit Source: WittyUserNamex/Reddit

3. Here comes the bride

Any bride knows there are lots of last-minute needs on their wedding day. Like Pop-Tarts.

Frankly, we’re just concerned that her train is picking up lots of dirt from that floor.

Or, hey, maybe it’s just laundry day and that’s all she had to wear. Happens to the best of us.

via Reddit Source: via Reddit

4. How high can you go?

We aren’t going to denigrate what anyone does for a living (although those shoes are a good indication). We’re just concerned about the posture issues involved in wearing this type of footwear out to the store.

Or maybe this passes for dressing up – we just don’t know.

We’re just glad we’re not her chiropractor.

LolSnaps via Reddit Source: LolSnaps via Reddit

5. Kneepads

Wow, talk about grotesque entitlement. This woman has used three loaves of bread as kneepads so she can get down and look at bottom-shelf bread.

Does she expect them to be able to sell that now? Does she enjoy wasting food? Is she really that clueless?

We have so many questions.

tmaxb/Reddit Source: tmaxb/Reddit

6. Fashion statement

Ok, first of all, you have to choose to own that piece of clothing. Next, you have to decide to wear it in a store.

Even putting aside the unflattering nature of the outfit (and it’s not like anyone in the photo is wearing a flattering outfit) and the ripped stockings (because that can happen to anyone), we still have questions about the shoe choice. Is that the only place where comfort matters?

psychopathiamhere/Reddit Source: psychopathiamhere/Reddit

7. Half off sale

Well, all we can say is 1) that’s disgusting and 2) it was never going to work.

Whether she did it as a joke or truly thought it was a legitimate way to save money is something we’d rather not know at this point.

Our main concern is that she’s been banned from Walmart and now has to find a new place to shop – will it be your grocery store?

Crepes_for_days3000/Reddit Source: Crepes_for_days3000/Reddit

8. Paying cash

Is she looking for change? And is the poor cashier expected to take it with their bare hands?

How long was she looking in there that another customer had the time and wherewithal to snap a photo?

Again, we’re full of questions and no answers.

YeOldeAnonymous/Reddit Source: YeOldeAnonymous/Reddit

9. Piggyback ride

Let’s put aside the obvious and just give a slow round of applause to the employee who has seen so much in her time that she’s not even phased by this behavior.

wangm22/Reddit Source: wangm22/Reddit

10. Make it stop

Kid, we feel ya’.

After looking at these photos we’d want to find a way to suck out the visual images too.

Rego1XO/Reddit Source: Rego1XO/Reddit

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