Homeowners call police on neighbors’ stinking home – Cops discover 100+ dogs trapped inside

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For months, Damian Miller had asked his neighbors to sort the smell of their home out. When the authorities finally did something about it, no-one could believe what they discovered.

The stench of Mary and Chris Frankovic’s house was extreme.

Pittsburgh's Action News 4 Source: Pittsburgh's Action News 4

Miller could tell that the neighbors’ home smell was something other than a lack of cleaning. Something unusual was going on in the home to cause that smell.

But Miller didn’t want to waste police time. So he had asked the neighbors to sort the smell out.

Yet as the months went by, the neighbors did nothing, and the smell only got worse.

In the end, the smell was so bad that Miller’s family couldn’t enjoy swimming in their pool on a nice day. So Miller was forced to call the authorities on the neighbors.

The authorities looked the home up on their database. They discovered that the home and its owners had had previous animal cruelty offenses.

Suspecting that the same thing was happening again, the authorities sent some animal control officers around the home.

The animal control officers had never seen anything like what they found at the Frankovic residence.

Wpxi Source: Wpxi

They had suspected that, at worst, a dozen dogs were being mistreated, causing the smell. Instead, the modest-sized house had over 100 dogs trapped inside it.

The living conditions for the dogs were terrible. None of the filth that the dogs made had been cleaned. And most of the dogs were badly underfed.

Wpxi Source: Wpxi

The officers did all that they could for these dogs, but understandably, they were overwhelmed.

To safely enter the home, the officials had to wear hazmat suits and breathe air from oxygen tanks.

Pittsburgh's Action News 4 Source: Pittsburgh's Action News 4

The fire department was called in to help spray the dogs clean.

Numerous times they thought they’d found the last of the dogs, and then they’d discover another hiding in the walls or furniture. Eventually, all were taken to the shelter. The final count was 117 dogs.

Volunteers at the local animal shelters had to work throughout the night to feed and clean the healthy dogs. The unhealthy dogs were rushed to the vet.

Sadly, one of these dogs was in such a bad condition that they didn’t make it. One puppy had only just been born, but due to malnutrition, they died.

Animal Friends/Facebook Source: Animal Friends/Facebook

Mary and Chris Frankovic later tried to defend their actions.

They said that they were only trying to help the animals. The authorities have issued hundreds of charges of animal cruelty.

Luckily, the people that live around the home where the dogs were trapped have stepped in to help the dogs even more.

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Miller, who called in many of the complaints, and other neighbors have stated that they would like to adopt or at least foster some of the rescued animals, as it can be hard to find owners for so many dogs.

People other than the neighbors of the dog abusers have helped out too.

Within 24 hours of Animal Friends, the rescue organization that took the dogs in, announcing this story, it had gained over $6,000 in donations, which will help with adoption and care efforts for the animals.

Animal Friends/Facebook Source: Animal Friends/Facebook

The dogs in this story have had to endure some of the worst neglect possible. But thanks to kind people, many have already found forever homes or are in safe hands. Hopefully, all of the surviving dogs will go on to have good, happy lives.

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