10+ adorable cows prove they’re really just big puppies

At the mention of animals that love to snuggle, you probably think of dogs and cats. But what about cows? Most people never even consider putting cows in the “cuddly category. Instead, they’re just animals that chew their cud while standing in a field, right? Well, not necessarily.

Many people, especially city dwellers, have no idea that cows act a lot like dogs. Yes, they love to snuggle. But they also enjoy playing with their humans, going for walks, and getting scratches behind the ears. This doesn’t only apply to sweet calves but adult cows as well.

Check it out for yourself with these 12 photos of cows that think they’re puppies.

1. Gorgeous coloring

With so many dog breeds, puppies come in multiple colors and color combinations. While there aren’t as many variations with cows, once in a while, one’s born with beautiful colors. And those lashes.

Flickr Source: Flickr

2. A true lap cow

Remember the part about cows loving to cuddle, well, here’s proof. In this huge cow’s mind, his owner offers a perfect place to rest her head. She’s a lap cow.

Wikipedia Source: Wikipedia

3. It’s playtime

Cows of all sizes and ages love to play. Throw a large rubber ball in the field and they’ll have a blast. In this case, the owner was trying to roll out hay when these calves decided to make a game of it.

YouTube Screenshot/Viral Hog Source: YouTube Screenshot/Viral Hog

4. They love all creatures big and small

Not only do cows get along incredibly well with their species but other animals as well. It’s common to see cows nestle up with puppies, kittens, and yes, even hedgehogs. Talk about pure sweetness.

Instagram/happyhensandhighlands Source: Instagram/happyhensandhighlands

5. What a pretty smile you have

I’m not sure if this cow is imitating the girl’s smile or super happy that she came to visit. Either way, this photo is adorable.

Reddit/Inasir Source: Reddit/Inasir

6. Sloppy but sweet kisses

Just like puppies, a lot of cows show affection by giving kisses. This cow must really love this young man and vice versa. I don’t know the backstory but I have a feeling he raised this cow from a calf.

Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary Source: Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary

7. Discovering snow

From the look on this calf’s face, this is the first time its seen snow. While it’s not sure what the white stuff is, it’s having the time of its life. Now to figure out how to stop slipping and sliding.

Imgur Source: Imgur

8. Naptime

There are few things sweeter and cuter than seeing a calf nestled up with its owner for a nap. Now that’s the look of contentment. When they wake up, they’ll be ready to play.

Instagram/rivercrestfarm Source: Instagram/rivercrestfarm

9. What a face

It seems as though this calf didn’t want her photo taken. So, right on cue, she sticks out her tongue. While this isn’t the prettiest picture, it’s one of the cutest.

Instagram/pkbthirdcircle Source: Instagram/pkbthirdcircle

10. Nothing to see here — just a cow on a dog bed

Dogs love taking naps on soft beds. Well, so do cows. While the owner tells her that’s not her bed, she doesn’t care. It is now.

Facebook/Karen White Source: Facebook/Karen White

11. Sit…good boy

If a dog can sit like this why can’t a cow? This happy fellow looks completely comfortable and natural in this sitting position. Should someone tell him he’s not a dog? Nah.

Imgur Source: Imgur

12. Loving and protective momma

Seeing a momma dog care for her litter is heartwarming. But so is a momma Highland cow with her calf. Between the two animal species, there’s no difference in how they love their babies.

Reddit/byu Source: Reddit/byu

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