15 cats with weird and wonderful fur markings

Cats have a wide variety of fur colors and markings, but occasionally genetics and delayed cell division during gestation can result in some very unique patterns.

These 15 felines have some of the most unreal fur markings we’ve ever seen – so much so that we had to make sure some of them were real!

Which kitty do you find the most cuddly )or crazy-looking)?

1. Cat mask

Perhaps this cat is a part-time superhero with his or her black mask.

Or maybe it’s part panda bear!

Either way, can you imagine opening your eyes at night to see this furry feline hovering over you?

bangbangwooooooooooooo/Imgur Source: bangbangwooooooooooooo/Imgur

2. Exclamation butt cat

We could make a lot of crude comments about this cat’s behind, but we’ll leave it at the fact that the tail and the butt markings look like a giant, furry exclamation point!

How’s that for an exit?

slaygerl/Reddit Source: slaygerl/Reddit

3. Cat-in-cat picture

Um, excuse me, sir, your cat has a cat on it.

This kitty’s cool back markings are making us see double.

Reddit Source: Reddit

4. Meow-stache

Hamilton the Hipster cat is famous for his mustache – and we can see why.

We love how he looks like a vintage villain.

He, on the other hand, is not amused.

Hamilton The Hipster Cat/Facebook Source: Hamilton The Hipster Cat/Facebook

5. Feline furrow

This kitty looks like he has little eyebrows, giving him a look of constant concern.

But if his Instagram page is anything to go by, Sam has very little to worry about.

@samhaseyebrows/Instagram Source: @samhaseyebrows/Instagram

6. Love butt

There seem to be quite a few cats that have a heart-shaped marking on their fur.

But this little love wants you to know right where you can put your affection.

gutollyr/Reddit Source: gutollyr/Reddit

7. Beautiful boop snoot

What a little love! Now that’s where a heart belongs – front and center!

Who could resist this face?

_Affexion_/Reddit Source: _Affexion_/Reddit

8. Spiral cat

Is anyone else suddenly craving a cinnamon roll right now?

This kitty’s swirls are simply mesmerizing.

laurasiaaa/Reddit Source: laurasiaaa/Reddit

9. Never forget who comes first

Who’s number 1?

Well, if you look between this cat’s eyes, you’ll find your answer.

kramlite/Imgur Source: kramlite/Imgur

10. Kitler

It’s really not funny to joke about Nazis but we can’t help but snicker at this angry little Kitler (and yes, there are entire blogs devoted to them – it’s a word!).

This one has the hair and the ‘stache!

TheMoneySloth/Reddit Source: TheMoneySloth/Reddit

11. Bat Cat

Meet your local superhero.

You might never know his real identity, but if you send up the right signal he might come out of his Bat Cave to help.

@Kathryn_Hearn/Twitter Source: @Kathryn_Hearn/Twitter

12. Always smiling

From Batman to the Joker.

This kitty’s markings make him look like he’s always smiling.

Why so serious?

Shadrack_Meshax/Reddit Source: Shadrack_Meshax/Reddit

13. Hairy Pawter

It looks like Voldemort got to this kitty as a baby and left a scar just like Harry Potter’s.

Do you think he or she can do magic? Or just make all your hair ties disappear?

TheThingInTheCorner/Reddit Source: TheThingInTheCorner/Reddit

14. Mewgene Levy

This bushy-browed kitty looks like a feline version of actor Eugene Levy.

We can’t stop laughing every time we see this sweet, silly face.

mind-sailor/Reddit Source: mind-sailor/Reddit

15. Stick ’em up

This kitty’s surprise is the perfect opportunity to see his black tie garb.

We love the markings on the paws too – so unique!

@oasisanimalsanctuary/Instagram Source: @oasisanimalsanctuary/Instagram


Does your feline have unique markings?

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