15 gorgeous dogs with the most unique fur markings

As any true dog lover can tell you, there’s really no distinguishing between loving them and obsessing over them. They are just without a doubt the absolute cutest, sweetest furry friends anyone could ever ask for, and we’re totally okay with admitting that we can go a little bonkers for them from time to time. While they have about a thousand wonderful attributes that make us adore them so much, one of the first to stand out is their beautiful fur markings!

Sure, they have fantastic personalities that endear them to you immediately, but the fur markings on their coats are likely the first thing you’ll notice.

While all dogs are unique in their own right, some have some amazing markings that set them apart for their furry coats alone. Don’t believe us? That’s okay. We’re pretty sure this list of 15 dogs with the most beautiful, unique fur markings you’ve ever seen will convince you all on its own.

1. All about the eyes

Reddit/vinkulelu Source: Reddit/vinkulelu

This beautiful girl looks like she is perpetually ready for a dive in the water with her swim-goggle markings around her eyes. That, or maybe she is just a little bandit who’s a master of disguise.

2. Two dogs in one

Reddit/liquorsquicker Source: Reddit/liquorsquicker

No, seriously. This is quite literally two dogs in one. This is Braveheart. He is half lab and half husky, literally split evenly right down the middle.

To prove it, one commenter on this Reddit thread posted a photo edit where he split the photo in half and mirrored the images.

Reddit/gabemart Source: Reddit/gabemart

See? Two dogs in one!

3. When dogs and pandas come together

Imgur Source: Imgur

Just look at this cutie-patootie! His sweet little face even has the brown circles around it. If his tiny ears and tail weren’t so pointy , and if he was just a little fluffier, we would totally believe he was a mini panda bear!

4. Just needs a top hat

Imgur Source: Imgur

This dog’s hilarious fur markings make him look like he’s rocking a curled handle-bar mustache. Now all he needs is a top-hat and his aristocratic costume will be complete!

5. Proof that freckles are beautiful

Imgur Source: Imgur

If you don’t think freckles are beautiful, we welcome you to see how wrong you are when you look at this handsome boy. Don’t you just wanna love on him!?

6. Genetic diversity

Dog Forum Source: Dog Forum

Clearly, this doggo won the genetic jackpot. A white head, a blue eye and a brown eye, brown and black ears, a black top with a brown bottom, and the cutest white-tipped toes you’ll ever see. Need we say more?

7. The drama in the fur marking of this dog’s face…

Dog Forum Source: Dog Forum

The fur markings on this Bernese Mountain dog are stunning. Just look at the way his fur pattern dramatizes his stare and the way those dark-rimmed eyes stand out against the white of his face. We are totally in love.

8. Zebra fur markings

Pinterest Source: Pinterest

This hilarious pup looks like the perfect example of when nature gets confused and forgets what type of animal she’s forming. Like, “Wait a minute…this isn’t supposed to be a Zebra?! Woops! Think anyone will notice?

Yes, Nature…we caught that.

9. Matching hearts

Pinterest Source: Pinterest

This mama dog gave birth to a puppy with the exact same markings as her, including a perfect heart-shape on the opposite side of its moms.

10. This amazing paw-print birthmark

Reshareworthy/Ashley McLelland Harper Source: Reshareworthy/Ashley McLelland Harper

This sweet little paw print birthmark disappeared from the pup’s nose over time. We can’t help but think it was a battle bruise. A kick in the face from one of his siblings on their way out of the womb, perhaps? So cute!

11. The fur markings of a bandit

Reshareworthy/Roxanne Hewitt Source: Reshareworthy/Roxanne Hewitt

Another time nature got a little mixed up. This time it looks like raccoons were on the brain. We sincerely hope they named this sweet guy Bandit, as there’s never been a dog with a face that was more fitting.

12. Doggy vitiligo

Reshareworthy/Angie Dubberly Young Source: Reshareworthy/Angie Dubberly Young

We’ve heard of vitiligo in people, but did you know it can happen in dogs, too? A benign genetic deviation which causes a lack of pigmentation in splotches on the skin. In dogs, their hair also lacks pigmentation and they come out with some of the most unique fur markings on the planet.

13. Genetic puppy prodigy

Reshareworthy/Anjali Ratcliff Source: Reshareworthy/Anjali Ratcliff

“This is Moses, my Cocker Spaniel! Neither one of his parents had a blue eye or silver fur! He was the only one to survive his litter and was the runt! He’s definitely one of a kind and I love him!”

Trust us, so do we!

14. A painted Bear?

Reshareworthy/Corey Tindal Source: Reshareworthy/Corey Tindal

This adorable Akita pup looks like a little bear that ran through a puddle of paint, and we absolutely love him for it! We particularly love the tiny, barely-there spots of white on his back and chin. Just too cute!

15. All she needs is a monocle

Reshareworthy/Susan B. Source: Reshareworthy/Susan B.

This little sweetie has the most captivating black fur markings on her tiny face. We want to stick a monocle on her and put her next to Mister Mustache with his top-hat on!

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