15 hysterical photos of dogs that will have you looking twice

Dogs are God’s gift to animal lovers everywhere. It’s true. Though there are plenty of wonderful animals out there to love, there is just something about dogs that makes it easy for people to bond with them in the instant. It’s a beautiful thing, really.

There are billions of people on this planet, and a good amount of them have at least one or more dogs running around their house. In the day and age where we basically have high-tech digital cameras glued to our hands, it’s no wonder that we end up seeing thousands of our four-legged friends being their silly selves on the daily, and we love it.

Some of these photos just have to be shared, and without further ado, we would like to present you with 15 of the most outrageous furbaby photos floating around on the internet.

1. Checking for cavities

Imgur/YogurtParty Source: Imgur/YogurtParty

Oh, that face though! This little pupper was in for a big surprise when his brother shoved his whole snout right to the back of his mouth. Whatever he ate for breakfast must have been smelling good.

2. Are you sure that’s a dog?

Reddit/attheisstt Source: Reddit/attheisstt

This dog’s human says he’s most definitely a dog, but we aren’t so sure. He looks an awful lot like a cute, cuddly polar bear.

3. This is your dog on drugs

Reddit/schmerbert Source: Reddit/schmerbert

According to this Reddit user, his wife snapped a photo of their doggo on the way back from surgery. Apparently, the effects of the drugs they had him on haven’t quite worn off yet. We aren’t too worried, though. He looks like he’s having a great time!

4. #LabLife

Reddit/dickfromaccounting Source: Reddit/dickfromaccounting

Our dogs are the best, but they aren’t always the brightest. Then again, life is all about perspective. Either way, this cutie pie looks pretty happy with where he’s at in life, and you can’t go wrong with that. His owner might disagree though.

5. Battle wounds from the womb

Reddit/dickfromaccounting Source: Reddit/dickfromaccounting

Have you ever seen anything so adorable? It looks like one of his litter siblings was pretty insistent on coming out first. At least now this sweetie will have a piece of his family with him furrever.

6. “Bruno’s first snowball”

Imgur/rcinferno Source: Imgur/rcinferno

Look at how happy Bruno is catching his very first snowball. Remember being that excited about life? Proof positive that we all need to take a page from our dog’s book and find the magic in fun again.

7. She got into the “special” brownies

Reddit/JustHavinAGoodTime Source: Reddit/JustHavinAGoodTime

Ah! Another poor doggo under the influence of drugs. It seems to be a growing epidemic. Something tells us this is the happiest trip she’s ever taken to the vet before, though. That’s gotta be worth something.

8. The aftermath of dabbling with DNA

Imgur/CantCatchHerpesTwice Source: Imgur/CantCatchHerpesTwice

We never thought that there was such a thing as over-bonding with your dog before, but this photo may just prove us wrong. Has science finally crossed the line in toying with DNA? No. Turns out that’s just one super chill doggo soakin’ up some snuggle time with his dad.

9. Comedy and tragedy, doggo style

Imgur/chocolateistheanswer Source: Imgur/chocolateistheanswer

Though the comedy and tragedy masks are iconic theater relics in and of themselves, we think these dogs’ faces could easily replace them. These two make the oddest looking pair but they somehow look just perfect for each other.

10. Making Finnland’s politics less boring since 2017

Twitter/Kelly Weill Source: Twitter/Kelly Weill

If you aren’t too familiar with Finnland’s politics, here’s the only thing you need to know; their president is a dog person. President Sauli Niinistö adopted one of the world’s cutest Boston terrier’s and the whole world has fallen in love with him. From the pictures of him with his dad, it would seem he’s making political life a lot more interesting as the nation’s First Dog.

11. Pup in a cup

Twitter/han lane Source: Twitter/han lane

Yes, that is a pup-in-a-cup, and yes, we are crazy jealous, too. Talk about cuteness overload! How would you ever be able to focus on anything else? You wouldn’t, that’s how.

12. Cat IS the hat

Reddit/Subterfug3 Source: Reddit/Subterfug3

Our dogs are our best friends, for sure, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t friends with other species, too. Putting the stereotype of dogs hating cats to shame, this sweet boy wears his kitty cat like a hat as they journey through the mountainside.

13. Toby loving life. Be like Toby

Alyssa Gutierrez Source: Alyssa Gutierrez

This little doggo’s name is Toby, and his human is taking him on his very first canoe ride. See the way that Toby is embracing life in this moment? We all need to learn to be a little bit more like Toby.

14. Bolt knows how to pose for a dating app profile pic

Reddit/JurrasicParfait Source: Reddit/JurrasicParfait

First rule to the right profile pic; super awesome background that shows how adventurous you are. Check! The second rule; stand off-center in the foreground looking handsome as ever. Check! The third rule; make sure your dog is the subject of your profile pic. Check! Follow these simple rules and watch the honey come pouring in.

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15. He holds the secrets to the universe

Reddit/Wubbalubbabudbud Source: Reddit/Wubbalubbabudbud

This dog’s human said the more the wind blows the wiser he looks, and we’d have to totally agree! Look at this wise old sage of a dog. We’d definitely take any life advice he has to give. How could you go wrong with a face like that?!

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