2-year-old’s love for the neighborhood sanitation worker makes for the sweetest friendship

Two-year-old Deacon Ross’s best friend also happens to pick up his recycling.

Over time, little Deacon fell in love with sanitation worker Oladele Olurunrinu, who goes by O’Dee and picks up the trash every Friday at Deacon’s East Dallas, Texas home.

Now, Friday is his favorite day of the week since it’s the day that he gets to see his friend.

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“He’s really just struck up this friendship with O’Dee. Looks forward to Fridays,” Deacon’s mom, Summer Ross, told WFAA ABC 8. “I think this is Deacon’s first friend [where] he really understands what friendship is.”

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And if you ask the tyke who his best friend is, he’ll answer “Ooooo Dee!”

He’s even petitioning his mom to name his soon-to-be-born sibling after his best friend.

Whenever Deacon spots his buddy coming down the street in the big sanitation truck, his entire face lights up.

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Olurunrinu will often greet his pal with a fist bump.

At first, Olurunrinu wasn’t exactly aware of just how fond Deacon was of him until he was filled in on the details.

“I didn’t know, but I can see it,” Olurunrinu said.

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Unfortunately, Deacon and Olurunrinu’s friendship will likely come to an end since Deacon’s family is moving into a bigger house that isn’t on Olurunrinu’s route so that they’ll have room for the new baby.

But Summer wanted to celebrate this friendship and show Olurunrinu just how much he is appreciated before they moved.

So, she threw a goodbye party.

“O’Dee! Him coming! Him coming, him coming. Collect our garbage!” Deacon said when he saw Olurunrinu coming down his block for the last time.

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The only thing is that Deacon doesn’t know it’s the last time he’ll be seeing his best buddy.

“I don’t think he really understands that this could be the last time that he sees O’Dee,” Summer said.

To commemorate their goodbye, Summer made up a personalized gift bags for Olurunrinu and his crew filled with a mug, cookies, and candy. And Deacon couldn’t wait to give one to his favorite recycling man.

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Summer also made sure that her kids got photos with Olurunrinu and a big hug.

“Well, it’s our last day seeing my brother’s best friend, O’Dee,” Deacon’s older sister, Ada Grace Ross, said.

And with their final fist bump, Olurunrinu said he’s going to miss the Ross children too.

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“I was teary the whole time,” Summer said. “Just trying to relish the moment.”

One YouTube commenter who is a waste management driver said seeing the children on his route is his favorite part of the workday.

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“As a driver for Waste Management, I can tell you from personal experience this is the highlight of my day when the little ones come out and talk to us, watch the truck, give us water, snacks. I love being able to light up their day with the air horn, or letting them watch the truck ‘eat the trash’ as they say,” he wrote.

Deacon and Olurunrinu’s friendship are proof that it’s people and the little things that make life so special.

Check out this heartwarming friendship in the video below.

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