20 funny photos of proving how big Great Danes really are

Great Danes have the word “great” in their name for a reason. They’re an incredible breed of dog. But they can grow to shockingly large sizes, as these photos show.

One of the best things about Great Danes is that they’re super friendly animals. But they’re as giant as they are gentle. Some people who adopt them as puppies are amazed when they keep on growing larger and larger.

All of these owners cannot believe just how huge their Great Danes are. They also wouldn’t change them for the world:

1. They’re shaking hands at their first meeting

Wolverinedoge/Reddit Source: Wolverinedoge/Reddit

This dog has patches that are larger than the kitten.

2. She’s wearing how she feels about her dog

Mediumclay/Imgur Source: Mediumclay/Imgur

That’s right, she hearts him. He also hearts her.

3. He likes to watch TV on the couch, just like a person

Losper/Imgur Source: Losper/Imgur

Does she pet him or vice versa?

4. When you see a mouse

Swade7/Reddit Source: Swade7/Reddit

He has to hide from this rampaging beast.

5. Because playing fetch with a tennis ball is for losers

VirusSama Source: VirusSama

Now this is a real challenge to bring back.

6. The dog adopted the deer

Kate and Pippin Source: Kate and Pippin

She couldn’t just leave that poor doe all alone. She was so happy when she grew up to be just as large as her.

7. They just adopted her

Reddit Source: Reddit

The boy said he only wanted a small dog. Technically, there are bigger dogs.

8. She just wants to be held like a little puppy

Romina2/Reddit Source: Romina2/Reddit

She refuses to believe that she doesn’t fit.

9. He’s a Great Dane. She’s recounting her memories of the Great Depression

Criscobeefslaps/Reddit Source: Criscobeefslaps/Reddit

They make a great pair. Literally.

10. The Great Dane is only four months old

Embeast/Reddit Source: Embeast/Reddit

Imagine how huge he’ll be when he reaches adulthood!

11. That’s one big dog bed

Super_Professor/Reddit Source: Super_Professor/Reddit

Why do the humans keep on trying to use it?

12. While this dog is the cat’s bed

MsMolasses/Reddit Source: MsMolasses/Reddit

Most beds don’t cuddle. This one does.

13. They’re both smiling

Quack_trap/Reddit Source: Quack_trap/Reddit

They’re gonna grow up to solve mysteries.

14. Being that tall has its advantages

Dandbdisciple/Reddit Source: Dandbdisciple/Reddit

You get to say hi to your favorite people sooner!

15. He looks like he wants to tell you what’s wrong with your generation

Imgur Source: Imgur

All that he needs to complete his look is a glass of brandy.

16. I will destroy you, ball!

Vbjk5uyhtg/Reddit Source: Vbjk5uyhtg/Reddit

That’ll teach you to try to escape from me.

17. Spot the odd one out

Tankpuss/Reddit Source: Tankpuss/Reddit

Ok, these puppies aren’t huge. But how can you not include these pictures in a listicle when you come across them?

18. He was skin and bones when he was adopted

Gerowen/Reddit Source: Gerowen/Reddit

Now he’s healthy and happy.

19. At last, a couch that’s big enough

DebutantBarbri/Reddit Source: DebutantBarbri/Reddit

And a human that’s small enough to not get in the way of her nap time!

20. He used to fit on the ottoman

Tugboat_tyler/Reddit Source: Tugboat_tyler/Reddit

He doesn’t understand how it shrunk.

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