20 outlandish neighbors we couldn’t make up if we tried

During these unprecedented times, our worlds shrank to the size of our neighborhoods. Most of us realized that we don’t know our neighbors as much as we thought. And sometimes, it’s for a good reason. Featuring some posts from the social networking app Nextdoor, we’re listing down the most suspicious and the most hilarious neighborhood encounters we found.

Here are 20 Nextdoor posts that will make you question your neighborhood.

1) It didn’t have to be my dog!

Like they said, “Adopt, don’t shop”. And it’s much more helpful if you’re adopting a neighbor’s dog. The only problem is, the original poster wasn’t really honest about where the puppy came from.

2) Everybody say “Hi, George!”

Nextdoor posts can range from the craziest to the most adorable. George is a nightly neighborhood visitor who roams around and eats pests. It all started when he was rescued when he was trapped in a trashcan. He has been paying a debt of life ever since. At least he’s not going hungry.

3) Egg-zit Strategy

There’s really a lot to unpack here and the theories are creating more questions than answers. Did someone leave their breakfast for a while because they had to run back inside the house? Was it a prank? Is it hardboiled? Is it even organic? Is someone going to come back for it?

4) Definitely not “magic sugar”

Kudos to this guy for quick thinking. Imagine being questioned by the cops for something that’s not even filling up a sandwich bag. We hope he got the sugar, and that no one suspected his “NOT COCAINE” warning.

5) A new breed?

I don’t know about you but the black band on the eyes is a dead giveaway that this is a hundred percent, no doubt, and unquestionably, an absolute unit of a puppy. It’s a new world breed so none of you would really know about it. I know so because it also ravages trash cans, okay?

6) It’s our house now

It might be too late for this dude. The only choices he has are to assimilate into his new feline family or start charging rent from this freeloading roommate.

7) A royal invitation

This poster’s neighbors are so into “royalty” that they needed more “realistic props”. As the royal wedding came nearer, the said neighbor was looking to borrow a Corgi, which happens to be Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite breed. Good thing is, the owner can just check the borrower’s Instagram posts for updates.

8) It’s not just any cat

This notice features not just any cat. It’s an orange cat with an impressive set of balls. So impressive that it was the easiest way to identify this cat from the whole local feline population. Oh, he’s been “hanging around”, alright.

9) If it’s urgent, then it’s an emergency

Come on, you have to give it to her (no pun intended), she just made an announcement that helped her filter gender, proximity, and “do they have a place?” If it’s urgent, then it’s an emergency. Don’t hate Helen the Player, hate the game!

10) Have you tried eBay?

You can sense the desperation when they used “(seriously)”, because who the heck would take a stolen Roomba report? Most especially when their name is “Steve”? The best bet for this guy is to check eBay for a Roomba being sold in close proximity, and in a healthy time-space after the “getaway”.

11) Three’s a crowd

Fine, the offer in itself is crazy enough. But what really sparked our interest is how these neighbors looked each other in eyes with questions of “So, who became the third wheel of that threesome?” whenever they pass each other by the local grocery.

12) Are you frickin’ high?

Marinara is a dangerous gateway drug and it must be kept away from our neighborhood! If you’re gonna snitch on your neighbor, at least be smart enough to tell what goes in a pipe and in a salad bowl. Putting someone to jail for a stalk of celery is not “heroic civic duty”.

13) “Twitter for old people”

Nextdoor was envisioned to be a communication tool to help out neighbors with things like borrowing tools, reporting crime, or warning for stray animals. It’s not Facebook where you ask when the funeral is on your uncle’s comment section on his post about his recent fishing trip. And Becky, the next time you ask something like this, you add “Asking for a friend.”

14) Spyflowers

Someone must be smoking a lot of tomatoes on tinfoil to even arrive at this conclusion. Those are called “sunflowers”, and no, your neighbors are not “refugees” from Roswell. Your life isn’t even interesting enough to be spied on!

15) Recycle or die

In their defense, this is an almost apt response to someone who can’t even tell their trash apart. Recycle or die, Kent, that’s the law of the land. Your Blue Quail Ridge ways won’t do in Treadwell Grandview.

16) I love democracy

Congratulations, you played yourself with your own poll. The only time this is acceptable is if you mow everybody else’s lawn. Because unlike your “craziness”, other people have lives to live.

17) Apply water to burnt area

If you failed at defending yourself against this murder, you can’t defend your “young” self and your beautiful family, Rachel. But don’t let this deter you from connecting with your neighborhood, people! If there’s actually a crime going on, banding together as a community can protect your neighborhood.

18) Cloudy with a chance of bagels

If you happen to pass by Sarah’s place, make sure to bring your own butter, jam, or cream cheese. Depending on the general bagel activity in the area, the forecast can range from “multigrain variety” to “just regular”. Has Sarah considered opening a shop?

19) Looks pretty real to me

Rumors say that the original one is permanently displayed at the Museum of Modern Art. But with that 30% off, we say that’s a pretty good steal price. Take a chance and be set for life!

20) On a scale of 1 to 10, maybe a 6


As recommended by one of the comments, make sure to avoid in-season or holidays. Because when the place is crowded, the murder can be a bit rushed and unimaginative. And if you tune in to your local news for the recent serial killer accounts, you can see “today’s special”.

Just remember folks, a neighborhood that looks after one another stays together. It takes a village to raise a family and that village needs your participation. Just don’t call the cops on tomatoes, spy on your neighbors using sunflowers, or put up your neighbor’s dog for adoption.

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