20 heart-melting photos of adorable Maine Coon kittens

Maine Coon cats are mesmerizing creatures, to say the least. Not only are they terrifyingly smart and gorgeous to boot, but they are absolutely huge as well. They can grow to be over 48 inches in length and average a weight of 16 to 20 pounds, though some have been known to weigh up to 30 pounds.

They have interesting, if not downright mysterious origins as well. It has long been thought that Maine Coon cats were introduced either by the Vikings or European sailors in the 1700s. Seeing how genetic testing shows that they are biologically related to Norwegian Forest cats crossed with an unknown breed assumed to be extinct, Vikings are probably more accurate.

This would explain their majestic and exotic look that’s been captivating people for over 300 years. The only thing that is more eye-catching than a Maine Coon cat, though is a Maine Coon kitten. Here are 20 photos of them to prove it to you.

1. Hmmm…what to destroy next???

Imgur Source: Imgur

Have you ever seen anything so adorable? Forget those ocean-blue eyes offset by the brilliant orange and cream fur. Just look at that pose! When they look as cute as this, you don’t even care that they’re pondering the best demise for all of your things. It’s worth it.

2. A Maine Coon model of majesty

Reddit/Tim Malloy Source: Reddit/Tim Malloy

Just look at the natural beauty emanating from this giant fluffball. Maine Coon cats are known for having long hair on their bottom half and shorter hair on the top. A sure giveaway that a cat is Maine Coon, though, is their huge, floofy tails that they’re so well known for.

3. The elusive Chimera takes shape in a Maine Coon kitten

Ridus Source: Ridus

This kitten is rare indeed. A chimera can be formed of any breed, but they’re incredibly uncommon. Chimera’s are the result of two genetically individual embryos merging together in the mother’s womb. In other words, a Chimera is its own fraternal twin living whole and complete in a single organism.

4. Giants among cats

Bored Panda Source: Bored Panda

Not only do these majestic kittens grow to be huge, but they also do it in a hurry. These pictures were taken of the same cat at 3 months of age and then 6 months, respectively.

5. The definition of adorable

Reddit/Broodwich78 Source: Reddit/Broodwich78

How could you not want to pet this adorable little furball? We don’t even need to ask; we know he is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.

6. Treat?

Instagram/chatterieroyalwild Source: Instagram/chatterieroyalwild

A real-life Puss n’ Boots is walking among us, and he’s a Maine Coon kitten. Just look at that sweet, innocent face. We think it’s going to be pretty difficult for this cat’s hooman to lay the law down.

7. Purrfectly pensive

Reddit/missing_an_eyebrow Source: Reddit/missing_an_eyebrow

This little kitty’s name is Winston. Though he might not know it, Winston is a model. He was born with gorgeous hair and eyes that just won’t quit so, even if he’s contemplating how to dismember a bird, he will look adorably stunning while doing it.

8. Main Coon kitty pile

Instagram/juliaolimpian Source: Instagram/juliaolimpian

Oh, the cuteness of it all! Do you have any idea what’s better than hanging out with a Maine Coon kitten? Getting to witness an entire kitty pile of them!

9. Cattitude

Instagram/mainecoon_chips Source: Instagram/mainecoon_chips

We think we might have found Scar’s meaner, nastier, and scarier cousin. Look at those eyes glowing with the freakish fires of hell behind them. Even when he’s being evil, this cat is a gorgeous head-turner.

10. Just six months old

Reddit/Dallas131413 Source: Reddit/Dallas131413

Meet Brutus. Though you might not believe it, Brutus the Beauty has only been around for six months, which means he’s just going to keep on growing. No, that is not an extra tiny chair he’s in.

11. The difference a week can make

Reddit Source: Reddit

This is Huxley and, while it would be easy enough to believe it’s the same cat in both pictures, it’s a little harder to believe that the pictures were taken only a week apart from each other. All the more reason to cherish every moment while you watch them grow.

12. That’s not lipstick

Instagram/juliaolimpian Source: Instagram/juliaolimpian

This photo has thousands of people doing a double-take. This little cutie doesn’t actually have a plump set of smackers on him. He’s just sticking out his little tongue at us.

13. Those ears though!

Instagram/mainecoon_chips Source: Instagram/mainecoon_chips

We are a little jealous this Maine Coon kitty gets to roll out of bed every morning looking this gorgeous. Her markings are absolutely stunning and her little, crazy Einstein ear hairs are killing us.

14. Productivity compromised

Reddit/UDubSconnie Source: Reddit/UDubSconnie

At only 12 weeks old, this kitty is teaching his hooman how to stop and smell the roses. Or, in this instance, how to stop and play with the kitty. That look he is giving his owner says it all. As if the enormous paws planted firmly on the keyboard weren’t enough.

15. Maine Coon cocoons

Instagram/Mainecoon Tony Source: Instagram/Mainecoon Tony

Admit it. This is hands down the cutest thing you’ve seen all week. These two little critters are all cozied up in their fluffy sock cocoons and we think we might die from cuteness overload.

16. Silver with a touch of pink

Bored Panda/Palmiracoon Source: Bored Panda/Palmiracoon

This cat’s regal coloring is a beautiful reminder of how superior our Maine Coon cats really are. Silver eyes set in a sea of silver fur, the only splash of color on him is his tiny pink nose. This cat needs to be in beauty pageants.

17. Pre-swan

Instagram/Mainecoon Tony Source: Instagram/Mainecoon Tony

This may just be the cutest version of an ugly duckling phase ever! Not all animals are born beautiful, but they sure are cute even when they’re in their “ugly” phase.

18. “Raaar”

Instagram/MyCat Maine Coon Cattery Source: Instagram/MyCat Maine Coon Cattery

One of the best parts about having a Maine Coon around is their hilarious personalities. As you can see, it doesn’t take years of life experience before they settle into themselves. They come out of the womb ready to play.

19. The One

Instagram/KatarzynaPolak Source: Instagram/KatarzynaPolak

This exotic looking cat’s name is Neo. His unique shape, enormous ears, and brightly lit yellow eyes sure do set him apart from the rest of his kitty counterparts. Now, if only he can free us from the Matrix.

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20. Please don’t go, hooman

Reddit/Needs_a_shit Source: Reddit/Needs_a_shit

Maine Coon cats may grow up to be larger than life, but they always have the heart of a kitten. Just like any devoted animal, they love to be around you and hate to watch you go.

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