20 cringeworthy social media posts that prove humans are the absolute worst

The Internet brings out the worst in people.

And what most awful people don’t realize is that once you put something online, it’s there forever.

From people who live for confrontation to the downright clueless, these 20 posts show that people can be the worst sometimes.

1. First step towards becoming a terrible human: politicize everything

I guess if you can’t easily find something to hate or be openly racist about, you just make things up.

People like this are why the Internet full of hate and fear.

And what exactly does this person want to revoke funding for? Middle school?

Hysteria has always been everywhere from r/Cringetopia

2. When you have to Google your kids

Wow, that’s a bad look.

Don’t you have photos of your kids on your phone or something?

Mia Farrow resorts to Google to find a picture of her daughter, forgets to crop out bizarre search bar from r/Cringetopia

3. Can we just make this one thing not porn?

Ok, so most of the Internet is porn. We get it.

But what’s with the people who can’t let children’s stuff be innocent?

Some of y’all need a reminder of what cringe is from r/Cringetopia

4. Et tu, Disney?

Remember that time a giant corporation framed itself as family-friendly and wholesome but really just wanted to make money off of people?

Oh right, that’s all of them.

Disney Keeps Taking This Down… from r/Cringetopia

5. Mad props to me

Dude, just don’t bother posting.

Or go actually be a good guy first before you announce it to the world.

Yikes from r/Cringetopia

6. No, seriously, watch your mouth


Maybe just don’t be a jerk online in the first place.

This kid lost his internship as a result – and we’re kind of thinking he deserved to considering his lack of self-control.

The Definition of L from r/Cringetopia

7. Pwnd

You get more of what you read. That means if you enjoy reading garbage clickbait that has no basis in reality, websites are encouraged to produce more of it.

That’s why it’s so nice to see click-baiters gets pwnd every once in a while.

Getting called out on your clickbait title from r/Cringetopia

8. Pizza or sex?

Real sex ed makes you smart enough to realize you can have both.

Also, how grotesque is it to make someone sign a document about sex at school?

Domino’s or sex? from r/Cringetopia

9. Good luck finding a job

Step 1: Never join a hate group.

Step 2: Never post anything that makes people think you’ve ever had anything to do with a hate group.

These young women have a lot to learn about the world.

Keep telling yourselves that… from r/Cringetopia

10. Hey, I’m a douchebag

It’s nice when people flex so hard on social media that you don’t even have to get to know them to find out they’re awful.

We’re pretty sure the only thing this kid is rich in is ego.

He really tried hard from r/Cringetopia

11. Cool story

Wow. Where to begin…?

Actually, it’s not worth it. We just hope this “student” learned their lesson and started actually studying instead of pretending to be smart.

Ummm yeah that’s a big yikes from r/Cringetopia

12. Some are good at both

Since when do you need to choose between being good at school OR life? Did someone maybe not study hard enough?

This anti-intellectual crap doesn’t do anyone any favors.

Yeah! Fuck school😎 from r/Cringetopia

13. We looked it up, it’s really a thing

There are rules. There are judges.

This is the least cool thing we’ve ever seen.

Competitive Vaping from r/Cringetopia

14. How not to flirt

Desperate much?

We see why this guy is single though, but the key to flirting is a little bit of charm.

Smooth criminal 😎 from r/Cringetopia

15. You can’t prove me wrong if I don’t let you


Some people have so little going on in their heads that they can’t even be bothered to learn new things.

definitely cringe from r/Cringetopia

16. Godspeed, kiddo!

Well, at least he knows what he wants.

Just like we want a million dollars and people like this to get a clue.

Looking for an emo gf from r/Cringetopia

17. Maybe she should take him up on that

We’re not sure there are many people out there who’d actually like to date someone who takes smiling selfies at Auschwitz.

Defending m’lady for taking selfies in Auschwitz from r/Cringetopia

18. Not a good look

Ugh, these guys have biological children?!

Here’s hoping they don’t turn out like their dads.

So proud, so beautiful. from r/Cringetopia

19. Women don’t owe you anything, incel

Wow, we wonder why this guy is still a virgin. He seems so respectful and not at all desperate.

33 year old virgin from r/cringepics

20. Caught in a lie

It’s so much easier not to lie.

Then you don’t have to keep track of who you’re texting and making sure you don’t make an ass out of yourself in the process.

I accidentally texted a member of my staff instead of my friend from r/cringepics

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