20 ridiculously cute kittens that could win a “most adorable” award

All kittens are adorable, but sometimes you hit the jackpot with an over-the-top fur ball that can melt hearts. These 20 kittens might just be some of the cutest to ever exist! Please proceed with caution: this list will make you want to go out and adopt a kitten.

1) Owl eyes

Jeepers creepers, look at those peepers! This little kitty looks more like an owl, or a cartoon than a regular cat. Those big round eyes are mesmerizing.

Instagram, 1room1cat Source: Instagram, 1room1cat

2) Kiwi kitty

Or Kiwitten, if you will. I’m not an expert on kiwi fruit, but the one in the middle looks the most ripe and ready to bring home! It’s so cute I could just eat it up.

Reddit, SuspiciouslyElven Source: Reddit, SuspiciouslyElven

3) A heart shaped nose

If the Care Bears had a kitten equivalent, this little one would the leader. Not only does it have a heart shaped nose (!!!!) but it also has a Marilyn Monroe “mole”.

Would I steal this kitten if I saw him on the street? Who’s to say? Maybe.

Reddit, xPixiex420xstix Source: Reddit, xPixiex420xstix

4) Oh hi, didn’t see you there

How does one even get into this silly position? Those little blue eyes and tiny pink toe beans are too much to handle, stop being so cute!

Flickr, Tom Haciendo Piruetas Source: Flickr, Tom Haciendo Piruetas

5) Catman

Okay… hands down the cutest Halloween costume ever, don’t @ me. Would I trust this little guy to protect the city of Gotham? Absolutely.

Imgur Source: Imgur

6) So sad but so cute

Why the long face little guy? It must be tough lounging around in the sun all day, eating cat treats, cuddling your owners and playing with toys.

Imgur Source: Imgur

7) The new grumpy cat?

This notoriously grumpy kitten isn’t actually having a bad time, he just looks like it. All the time. But somehow that peppery pout makes him even cuter!

Cutest Paw Source: Cutest Paw

8) What yoga position is this?

Have you ever seen a happier kitten? That sleeping pose is absolutely hilarious, but apparently it’s working for her. And I have to say, very polite and very appreciated that she’s covered up her little butt with her tail!

Imgur Source: Imgur

9) Is it playtime yet?

It seems this kitty is no stranger to posing for the camera! Those big eyes scream “play with me!” and honestly I don’t know how anyone could say no.

Imgur Source: Imgur

10) Lincoln, the formerly quadriplegic miracle kitty

Little Lincoln here was found on the streets and had been injured so badly that he was totally paralyzed. But after some intensive physical therapy, and a lot of fight, determination, and spirit, he’s able to walk again! What an amazing story.

Facebook, Lincoln the Formerly Quadriplegic Miracle Kitty Source: Facebook, Lincoln the Formerly Quadriplegic Miracle Kitty

11) Fluff ball

Cuteness overload. Cannot compute.

Why do kittens have to grow up?! Can’t this one just stay a mini ball of fluff forever? Those little ears are too much, I’m swooning.

Imgur Source: Imgur

12) Those beautiful eyes!

This kitty and I have so much in common! This look is like me when I’m already eating something and see another delicious snack. Are my eyes that enchanting though? Unfortunately not.

Reddit, kattypurry Source: Reddit, kattypurry

13) White tiger

This little one looks like a rare baby white tiger. I just want to boop those little toe beans. I hope he grows up to be just as majestic as a tiger!

Instagram, hannah_kitty Source: Instagram, hannah_kitty

14) “Are we there yet?”

This little guy is going to grow up to be an adventure cat. Just look at how intrigued he is by the outdoors! There’s nothing better than watching baby animals learn about the world and experience things for the first time.

Life’s not just about the destination, but about the journey. And this little guy is enjoying the journey!

Facebook, Love Meow Source: Facebook, Love Meow

15) A creative spot for a nap

Wow this cat looks so cozy! If you’ve ever worn a pair of Ugg boots, or a similar brand like this one (which, if you were alive in the mid 2000s I assume you have), you know how insanely comfortable they are! Can’t blame this little guy for choosing it as the perfect spot to curl up.

Reddit, YessMartinez Source: Reddit, YessMartinez

16) What are you doing, human?

This kitty is so small it almost fits in the palm of it’s owners hand! Those glossy eyes and floppy ears are too precious. And the look on his face is pretty priceless too.

Imgur, BoredCatLover Source: Imgur, BoredCatLover

17) The hoodie snuggle

“Our kitten loves to snuggle into my hoodie when I’m not paying her enough attention.”

Well then pay her more attention! Look at that face!

18) Good morning, humans

This little feline looks ready to take over the world! And those blue eyes almost match the bedding perfectly.

Instagram, virinka Source: Instagram, virinka

19) Snowball

Alright, this kitten knows how cute she is. And she’s ready for her close up with the camera. The perfect fluffy model, really.

Instagram, asami_0415 Source: Instagram, asami_0415

20) Ready, set, pounce!

You just know this one is about to do a little butt wiggle and make a big (or more likely small) pounce at her human prey. This little monster looks like a playful one!

Imgur, randymarshmallow Source: Imgur, randymarshmallow

There you have it! Are you already on your way to the shelter? I thought so. Or maybe you’ve read through the list and still think your kitten is the cutest of all time. If it looks anything like these little floofs above, I believe you!

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