20 renovations that are strange, non-sensical or just plain ridiculous

Not all renovations are an improvement. Sometimes they make things way less comfortable, convenient, or useful. Here are 20 such examples.

You can’t reach it when you really need it.

Reddit - arrierroc Source: Reddit - arrierroc

Have you ever been sitting on a toilet and realized the toilet paper is out of reach? No, you haven’t? Well, that’s because most bathrooms aren’t this horribly designed.

A perfectly reasonable place to put a door.

Reddit - Greendub14 Source: Reddit - Greendub14

The door placement here really allows one to make a dramatic exit from an upstairs room.

“Let’s make our carpet look moldy” – someone involved with this.

Reddit - MRont Source: Reddit - MRont

No, that carpet is not moldy, that’s how someone decided it should look.

You really need to be careful when leaving that room.

Reddit - TheInward07 Source: Reddit - TheInward07

Having a door that opens up leading to a staircase is an interesting design choice.

Cool-looking stairs for you to break your neck on.

Reddit Source: Reddit

These stairs look pretty neat but you really need to watch your step.

An excellent place to charge your devices.

Pikabu - strubzina Source: Pikabu - strubzina

Have you ever been in the shower and needed to charge your phone, tablet, or laptop? Well, this shower’s got you covered. Electricity and water mix like peas and carrots!

“Why is our toilet paper always wet?”

Reddit - Baldassman Source: Reddit - Baldassman

In general, designers don’t recommend putting the toilet paper dispenser in the shower. It will get wet and this will be inconvenient for you.

Maybe someone thought it would be funny.

Reddit - RockBottam Source: Reddit - RockBottam

“Johnny couldn’t understand why few people visited him and those that did never returned.”


Twitter - BadRealtyPhotos Source: Twitter - BadRealtyPhotos

Not everyone has the same expectation of privacy, it seems. At least they bothered to put a door in front of the bathroom.

What a view!

Pikabu - IsKharkin Source: Pikabu - IsKharkin

Not everyone wants to have a nice view of the outside world. Apparently, the owners of this place decided they had no need for windows.

Let’s take a canopy bath.

slynnt33 - Reddit Source: slynnt33 - Reddit

Isn’t it the best when you get out of a hot shower or bath and feel the squishy carpet underneath your feet? Evidently the designers of this tub feel people want to shower in the middle of a carpeted room.

If it works, it works.

Pikabu - RPDLife Source: Pikabu - RPDLife

If this contraption helps carry air from the vent to other areas in the room, then it works. It might not look pretty but if it works, it works.

Cardboard bumper.

Pikabu - angeledis Source: Pikabu - angeledis

Cardboard can do a lot of things. It can evidently serve as your car bumper too as this driver is so bravely demonstrating.

Let’s make this the radiator room.

Pikabu - svetlana0307 Source: Pikabu - svetlana0307

You’re not supposed to put furniture next to radiators, which basically means you can’t put furniture in this room. It sure gets warm in the winter though!

Rock the mic, drive a stick.

Pikabu - farhadvaleev Source: Pikabu - farhadvaleev

The person here needed to replace their stick shift. A microphone has a similar shape. A decision was made and this was the result.

This seems like a good spot for a ceiling fan.

Reddit - BobLiney Source: Reddit - BobLiney

Turning this ceiling fan on will result in the severing of the cord that attaches to the lightbulb. If you are in this room you have to ask yourself, “Do I want a nice breeze? Or do I want light?” because you can’t have both.

Who needs privacy?

Pikabu - zemlyanin2.0 Source: Pikabu - zemlyanin2.0

Everything is more fun when you do it with friends. You’ll never poop alone with this transparent stall setup!

Don’t like your neighbors? Don’t want to use the lobby? Some renovations can help.

Pikabu - Rokotgrei Source: Pikabu - Rokotgrei

Just because your unit doesn’t have a ground floor entrance doesn’t mean you can’t make one with a few minor renovations.

Let’s live dangerously.

Imgur - YayIfoundausername Source: Imgur - YayIfoundausername

“So, where should we put the faucet?”

“Right on top of the electrical outlet?”

“I like how you think.”

Stairs to nothing.

Twitter - 1MatthewPlatt Source: Twitter - 1MatthewPlatt

The idea that stairs should lead somewhere is so passé. These stairs go nowhere and it’s awesome.

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