Survey reveals the 40 most satisfying DIY jobs to do during lockdown

It’s interesting to see how people have adapted to life in lockdown since it all began. With many people suddenly finding themselves with way more free time than usual, some have simply whiled away the hours with movies and games, while others have gotten creative, painting pictures and writing stories.

Others have chosen to do a little DIY to pass the time in a productive and practical way, and a recent survey of 2,000 British adults, carried out by UK-based company Drapers Tools, has discovered the top 40 DIY tasks that people are finding to be the most satisfying during lockdown.

Some of these tasks are pretty simple, like using a measuring tape or planting a seed, while others are a little more in-depth such as peeling wallpaper from the walls or trimming garden hedges. Other entries on the list, like “Watching paint dry”, are a little surprising, but this just goes to show how people can find satisfaction in the simplest of things!

Denise Krebs Source: Denise Krebs

“That’s the great thing about DIY – the jobs are as big or as small as you want them to be,” said Kev Smith of Draper Tools, adding, “While not all of them are satisfying while you’re doing them, there is always satisfaction to be had at the end of a project.”

Smith definitely makes a good point there, and the results of the survey are quite fascinating, shedding some light on what people are getting up to while cooped up in their homes. Around 70% of people are planning to start some kind of new DIY project, such as redecorating one of their rooms or tearing down a wall, in the weeks and months ahead, while around 1 in 3 surveyed people said that DIY was one of their favorite ways to pass the time.

So if you’re looking for a little inspiration or something to pass the time in the days and weeks ahead, here are the 40 most satisfying DIY tasks:

  • Adding oil to a noisy door hinge
  • Putting on the final coat of paint
  • Hanging a picture just right
  • Painting a fence
  • Using a paint roller
  • Clearing away weeds
  • Using a jet washer on the patio
  • Putting a piece of flat pack furniture in the perfect spot
  • Mowing your lawn
Brian Boucheron Source: Brian Boucheron
  • Planting seeds and bulbs
  • Tearing down walls
  • Trimming a hedge to perfection
  • Hammering nails into a piece of wood
  • Putting a shelf at just the right angle
  • Applying wallpaper so it lines up just right
  • Making perfect lines while painting
  • Repairing something using glue
  • Polishing a surface until it shines
  • Peeling off wallpaper
Christophe Goessen Source: Christophe Goessen
  • Filling holes with spackling paste
  • Cleaning your paint brushes
  • Sawing some wood
  • Sanding a piece of wood
  • Applying varnish to a piece of furniture
  • Using power tools
  • Using a measuring tape
  • Finding the right screw/nail in your toolbox
  • Removing a screw that lost its thread
  • Organizing your tools
  • Using a drill
Mark Hunter Source: Mark Hunter
  • Repairing a crooked shelf
  • Sowing some grass seed
  • Cutting a tile to make it fit just right
  • Using sealant
  • Laying some grass turf
  • Planing a piece of wood
  • Applying plaster for a smooth finish
  • Repairing a floorboard that wasn’t quite right
  • Laying a patio to perfection
  • Watching paint dry

Which of these DIY jobs sounds most satisfying to you? Will you be giving any of them a try?

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Source: Country Living, Independent