5 siblings all aged younger than 6 get to stay in the same home thanks to adoptive single dad

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When five young siblings went into the foster system, they had to face the fact that they would likely be separated for the rest of their lives. Luckily, a single dad with a big heart ensured that that didn’t happen.

Lamont Thomas has been helping children for the last twenty years.


It all began when his friend’s child went into the foster system. After seeing the trauma that the child was going through, Lamont decided that he should foster kids himself. So he applied to become a foster parent and has helped children through difficult situations ever since.

In fact, over the last two decades, more than 30 children have found themselves living in Lamont’s home.

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It goes without saying that fostering children is an incredibly difficult undertaking. But thanks to Lamont’s patience, kindness and nurturing nature, all of these children have thrived and gone on to great things.

Lamont has two biological children of his own, but he loves all children equally.

From 2000 to 2018, he adopted five more children. Four of these children were never his foster kids. He just wanted to take on and improve the life of any child who needed his assistance.

Micheal’s fifth adoptive child, Michael, had been through two previous foster homes before ending up with Lamont.

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When Michael came into Lamont’s home, he was amazed. He’d never known anyone like Lamont. Lamont cared for Michael and helped whenever the child needed it.

Michael is now in his late twenties and thriving in his own career. After Michael, Lamont said that he couldn’t adopt any more children. But then he learned of a unique case that only he was suited for.

Lamont heard that five siblings, aged five, four, three, two and one all needed a home. Their parents had been neglectful, meaning the children had gone into the system.

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The five children were living in four different homes in cities far apart.

Lamont knew that these kids deserved to be under one roof. They had done nothing wrong. But due to circumstances beyond their control, they were now struggling apart from one another.

Eventually, Lamont’s petition to take in the children was accepted. All of the kids, who had been separated for over a year, were reunited once more.

Over the next two years, Lamont fostered the children and showed them the love that their own parents had neglected to offer.

For the first time ever, the children’s lives gained some stability.

In no time at all, Lamont realized that the connection that he had with these kids was something special. He decided that he had to adopt them as his own.

And in October 2019, Lamont’s wish finally came true. Overnight, he went from having five adopted children to 10 adopted children.

On adoption day, Lamont said that he “was fighting to keep back the tears. Every day I think about it, my eyes swell up.”

At one point, it looked like Lamont’s newly adopted children would spend the rest of their lives apart and insecure. But Lamont, who had already helped so many children, knew that he couldn’t let that happen.

Lamont Thomas has truly made the world a better place.

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