50 Photos Captured In A Moment Just Before A Facepalm

You ever take a photo and then look at it with regret? No? Well, enough people have for us to make a list of it!

Maybe it’s a selfie gone wrong. Or snapping a photo of what turns out to be an embarrassing moment. These things happen. And when they do, all you can do is give yourself a palm to the face.

So don’t fret. You’re not alone. You might have answered no to the question poised above but let’s face it. You have some hidden gems on your phone. But in the meantime, take a look at some of the following!

Imgur/vadge Source: Imgur/vadge

1) “Mine. Mine. Mine.”

Sometimes nature just doesn’t love us back! They rather eat ice cream than to fly home on an empty stomach.

Oh well, it’s a good picture that can accompany a great story!

Reddit/HiFiSi Source: Reddit/HiFiSi

2) I Do Things…

I mean… I guess some people like to advertise things on their refrigerator? Most people just put up magnets from businesses and the like but some people like to stand out.

To each their own!

Reddit Source: Reddit

3) Gotcha!

The internet wins again! There’s no traffic, y’all. In fact, she’s driving with no hands. Just so she can take this photo.

(insert HEAVY sigh)

Bored Panda Source: Bored Panda

4) Today’s Lesson…

We’re going to throw thinking out the door today. It’s overrated. So grab your guns and aim them all at me and the person in front of you…

Major facepalm!

Reddit/Mekkei Source: Reddit/Mekkei

5) Looks Delicious!

When it’s on the plate that is. Poor thing doesn’t even know she’s missing out on the best part of the dish – the sauce!

I guess it’s better than landing on her lap!

Reddit/Kwasbeb Source: Reddit/Kwasbeb

6) Raindrops Fallin’ On My Keys

She left her keys in the car door. So, how did she start her car?! It’s probably happened before.


Reddit/saffroncar Source: Reddit/saffroncar

7) Gross!

Lady… you have dog poop just sitting out on the floor of your place? The ironic part, she seems to be really into appearances. Let me tell you, this definitely does not make you look good!

Bored Panda Source: Bored Panda

8) Put a Smile On

At least she’s happy! Maybe she just wants to make people smile. Or she’s just really having a “bum” moment.


Reddit/SplodeyDope Source: Reddit/SplodeyDope

9) “How do I look?”

Somewhat naked. Somebody didn’t do a good job with the background check before snapping this photo.

He will live in infamy.

Bored Panda Source: Bored Panda

10) Whoa, there!

People, you have to be careful with photos and mirrors! They catch things that we don’t. They are like the eyes on the backs of our heads that we wish we had!

Bored Source: Bored

11) Hmmm

I really want to give this guy the benefit of the doubt and say that he’s just washing the basket.

But then again, what if he isn’t?! We may never know.

Reddit/porichoygupto Source: Reddit/porichoygupto

12) It’s Not What You Think

Really! It isn’t! Take a closer look and you’ll see that it’s just the reflection in the glass.

Still pretty embarassing though!

Reddit/CptSandbag73 Source: Reddit/CptSandbag73

13) People, People…

And I mean Walmart. Why have the sign with so much blank space on the bottom? Of course the shopper could just look over and see the blank sheets of paper. But remember, you must think like your shoppers…

Pikabu Source: Pikabu

14) Rough Day?

Either she’s never pumped gas before or is just having a rough go. I wonder if she looked around and saw how others were doing it. Probably not. I’m sure she would have seen that she was being recorded!

Reddit/askim35 Source: Reddit/askim35

15) You Won This Time

Ouch! An error message would have sufficed.

I hope they got their money back and that their feet are okay!

Imgur/S7ALK3R Source: Imgur/S7ALK3R

16) Little Man

Aw, his dad is so proud that he wanted to take a photo of his spiffy son. But dad also kinda ruined the photo.

Thanks, dad.

Reddit/gamer6663 Source: Reddit/gamer6663

17) Smile!

Well, this would have been a nice family photo… Thank goodness for the ability to crop!

Let’s just hope mom didn’t see this!

Reddit/hannahrowsiee Source: Reddit/hannahrowsiee

18) Follow the Directions…

Sometimes being in a hurry can set you back. This all could have been avoided! Now, they (literally) have to pay the price for it.

But do notice that there aren’t any cones where they veered off… Who’s really at fault here?

Imgur/ohwaitwassheagreatbigfatperson Source: Imgur/ohwaitwassheagreatbigfatperson

19) How?

Now this is pretty awful. There’s a good chance that their vehicle was swept away into the water. Gone but this photo makes it so it is not forgotten.

Reddit/kozynak Source: Reddit/kozynak

20) Not Good for Business

When AAA has to call AAA… Definitely not a good look!


Reddit/iam_nobody Source: Reddit/iam_nobody

21) Wait a Minute…

You mean to tell me that there is an entire aisle dedicated to aspiring diabetics? That is something. It does look pretty enticing.

Pikabu Source: Pikabu

22) Not a Chef

Somebody put the cutting board inside the oven… Not everybody is a chef. But common sense isn’t so common either.

Reddit/Thighrocker Source: Reddit/Thighrocker

23) Stick to a Dryer

Putting ones clothes in the microwave is a quick way to burn them. Or worse, start a fire. This guy is lucky.

Imgur Source: Imgur

24) “You’ll never get out!”

Well, this is pretty awful. I hope UPS did something to make up for this travesty!

But it’s UPS so these folks are likely on their own.

Reddit/GallowBoob Source: Reddit/GallowBoob

25) Keyboard Bath

Who doesn’t love clean keyboards? Apparently, soaking them in hot water isn’t the right way to go about cleaning them…


Reddit Source: Reddit

26) Messaged Not Received

Aww how sweet! Don’t you just love parents? They’re the best. It’s funny how as they get older, we become the ones who begin to teach them.

Reddit/BourgeoisBanana Source: Reddit/BourgeoisBanana

27) “Don’t touch that button!”

Too late. Another classic example of having to parent our parents! His mom began pressing buttons in his new car.

But look how chill he is about it. No pun intended.

Reddit/rizabove Source: Reddit/rizabove

28) Lunch on the Go

Someone lost their lunch on the orange line! Funny thing is, the guy in front of the photographer also took a photo of the door. I wonder who grabbed it when the doors opened…

Reddit/orclev87 Source: Reddit/orclev87

29) Uh-oh

When you put the Cup O’ Noodles in the microwave without any water… Oh, the despair. It’s like his soul just knew how badly he messed up.

Reddit/themagicpotato Source: Reddit/themagicpotato

30) Muddin’?

Again? Are we really in that much of a hurry? Or maybe people just aren’t paying enough attention.

Apparently, the driver decided to make an illegal U-turn… Welp.

Reddit/_zatoichi Source: Reddit/_zatoichi

31) “This looks good.”

Anytime you take photos with wildlife, you have to be vigilant! There’s simply no telling what they might do. Sometimes, we’re just food to them.

Imgur Source: Imgur

32) Drinks on Me!

When you need a job. Everyone has to start somewhere! This guy is going to be starting from the bottom after this.

Reddit Source: Reddit

33) Look Out!

Festivals and concerts can be really fun. Messy too. This young woman is about to experience the latter head on.

Reddit Source: Reddit

34) Sour 16

Not all 16’s are sweet. This one took a turn for the worse when the cake fell. Maybe they had cookies and brownies nearby?

Reddit Source: Reddit

35) Whoopsie!

When throwing your kids around goes wrong. It happens, people! Apparently, this woman is still getting flak for tossing her kid out in front of her.

Twitter/@Travelerism Source: Twitter/@Travelerism

36) Let it Slide

The song not the cheesecake! Oh man. That’s definitely going to leave a stain. On her lap and in my heart.

Cheesecake is just too good to be wasted!

Imgur/vadge Source: Imgur/vadge

37) Free Fallin’

Was he pushed? Did he lose a bet? So many questions but sadly, no answers.

Twitter/FntsyWlkr Source: Twitter/FntsyWlkr

38) Mind Your Manners

When posing for a photo goes horribly wrong. I’m thinking she tossed the camera out after this. Hopefully at them. After she erased all of her photos of course.

Pikabu Source: Pikabu

39) Focus…

When you ask a stranger to take a photo of you and you partner but they have other plans. Darn autofocus.

Selfie next time!

Pikabu Source: Pikabu

40) Uh…

So somebody didn’t pay attention in… life? We need a date. Like, an actual date.

Reddit/Explesis Source: Reddit/Explesis

41) Let’s Think On It

So… the water. The water is already in there. It’s frozen. Like the movie… never mind.

Reddit/CaptainBoB555 Source: Reddit/CaptainBoB555

42) So?

It isn’t an all-day breakfast. It’s a regular breakfast. False advertising!

Reddit/iansolidgoldie Source: Reddit/iansolidgoldie

43) C’mon!

Now, who… where on the face of this earth have you seen identification with two people on it? Not the brighest bulbs now are we?

Reddit/Mrkjm1550 Source: Reddit/Mrkjm1550

44) Fresh? Never. Frozen!

Details matter! Who isn’t doing their jobs? Everyone apparently.

Reddit/lloyd_braun_no_1_dad Source: Reddit/lloyd_braun_no_1_dad

45) Lowe’s…

Some people live sheltered lives. Some have never been to a hardware store. Some people are like this guy’s girl.

Reddit/PracticalProperty Source: Reddit/PracticalProperty

46) It Worked for Clark Kent

Guess we all can’t be Superman. But I’m sure he could have flown away if things got too hot.

You’d think the tattoo would be a dead giveawy…

Reddit/TerrenJamal Source: Reddit/TerrenJamal

47) Lies!

Well maybe they never allowed the pet on the couch? Okay, let’s face it. They probably have. They just want to sell the darn thing. But judging by its appearance, not sure it’s really worth $250?

Reddit/isubucks Source: Reddit/isubucks

48) “How’d those get there?”

When mom wants a photo of your new space but you accidentally send her photos of your bed with your handcuffs still on them. Some things just can’t be made up.

Ultimate facepalm!

Reddit/GallowBoob Source: Reddit/GallowBoob

49) Bombs Away

Nice comeback!

This is not a shark! At least she thogught she was doing the right thing?

Reddit/Aquagenie Source: Reddit/Aquagenie

50) Because You’re Just So Important…

Internet era at its finest. This can’t become our way of thinking! But sadly, as shown here, it is.

Reddit/ZappBrannigansLaw Source: Reddit/ZappBrannigansLaw

Life can get rought! But the least we can do is smile through it.

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