Tiny skater strikes a pose on the ice before stealing hearts with her angelic performance

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Gia Kokotakis was half the age of most of the other children in the competition. But she still managed to wow everyone present.

Gia’s mom stood at the edge of the ice rink and wished her good luck. The mom knew that the girl had been practicing as much as possible.

Gia Kokotakis/YouTube Source: Gia Kokotakis/YouTube

Then the announcer asked the audience to give Gia a warm welcome. The crowd cheered.

Gia glided out to the center of the rink.

Then she formed an opening position and waited for the music to begin.

Gia Kokotakis/YouTube Source: Gia Kokotakis/YouTube

The opening notes to You Raise Me Up by Connie Talbot started playing.

Gia propelled herself forward on one leg, holding her arms back.

Gia Kokotakis/YouTube Source: Gia Kokotakis/YouTube

Then she twisted and skated backward.

Next, she stopped and pushed herself forward on one leg again, this time leaning her left leg high into the air.

Gia Kokotakis/YouTube Source: Gia Kokotakis/YouTube

Soon, she was twisting and gliding all over the rink gracefully. The audience was in awe.

Then her moves got even more ambitious. While gliding backward, Gia lifted her right leg and held onto the ice skate’s blade with one hand.

Gia Kokotakis/YouTube Source: Gia Kokotakis/YouTube

When the chorus of the song began, Gia leaped into the air and span. She touched down on the ground again perfectly.

Then he stood on the spot and span in circles with one leg raised. As she span, she grabbed the blade once more and pulled her leg up.

Gia Kokotakis/YouTube Source: Gia Kokotakis/YouTube

As the song slowed down towards its end, Gia slid forward with one knee on the ground and came to a stop in her finishing position.

The audience cheered, and Gia skated out of the rink. She knew she had done well, but how well?

The judges would go on to give Gia third place in the overall competition. But the internet thought much more of her performance.

A video of Gia’s routine appeared on the girl’s YouTube page. It has gone viral.

To date, it has almost 5 million views. It also has nearly 600 comments. People have been saying things like this:

Gia Kokotakis/YouTube Source: Gia Kokotakis/YouTube

Since this performance, Gia has continued to compete in ice skating competitions.

Almost one year after the You Raise Me Up performance, Gia competed in the La Jolla Open Preliminary Freeskate Competition.

It’s clear that Gia had improved significantly within such a short timeframe. In this later performance, she was able to move across the rink much faster.

Her routine this time around was to a piece of music from the soundtrack of the movie The Mask of Zorro. The song is very high tempo, but Gia had no problem matching the speed.

Gia Kokotakis/YouTube Source: Gia Kokotakis/YouTube

Four out of the five judges thought that Gia’s performance was the best of the competition.

The fifth judge thought that it was the second best performance of the competition. This became Gia’s first ice skating competition overall win.

And the video of this performance has also gained over 2 million views.

In 2020, Gia turned 18 years old. She has continued to skate competitively.

Giakokotakis/Instagram Source: Giakokotakis/Instagram

Her aim is to compete in the 2022 Winter Olympics. Hopefully, she will achieve her dream! Anyone who watches her performances knows that she sure could compete in the world’s foremost sporting event!

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