Amish family opens their home and gives a tour inside their life

For most people, the Amish lifestyle is known to be different from modern society, but the understanding of how is limited.

Their values are clear: put God first, live modestly, focus on community welfare (rather than competition) and to live separately from modern society without modern luxuries.

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Just because their lifestyle functions differently from the rest of society, doesn’t mean they aren’t a part of it! Learning about a new or different culture is the best way to open your mind and gain some understanding.

So taking a quick tour (well, virtual tour) through an Amish home offers some great insight into their way of life!

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Generally, most people are aware of two things: Amish people don’t use electricity, and they believe in large families.

This is true, though different Amish communities use varying levels of light depending on their personal beliefs. But yes, gas lamps are often used instead of electricity.

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These communities are self-sustaining, very resourceful and are known in particular for their woodworking.

They make their own furniture, and since they don’t use electricity, the pieces are made by hand, though generators are used when needed.

When it comes to getting around their communities they use a horse and buggy, and that sounds pretty fun!

Though it can become a challenge in cold or wet weather. There are a lot of Amish communities in Canada, where it can be cold for 6 months of the year.

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In keeping with the lack of electricity, horse and buggies don’t have lights on them either. Instead they use reflectors that allow the buggies to be seen at night and safe on the roads.

The buggies sometimes drive on public roads alongside cars, so safety and visibility at night can be an issue.

To get a look at the Amish way of living, one woman shared a brief tour of an Amish home. She shows where and how Amish people store their food, arrange their bedrooms, as well as dining, basement and kitchen areas.

As you might imagine, the set up is modest. There are gas lamps and beautiful handmade woodwork throughout the house.

From the get go, even the size and number of houses is intriguing.

They’re what many modern people would consider mansions, and there are many grouped together in a small vicinity.

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A short distance from the main house is another, affectionately referred to as Grandpa’s House, which is slightly smaller. The guide takes us inside the main house first.

The property is on several acres of land, where they have an entire community as well as their farm.

The basement area is expansive and easily the size of some people’s houses. Forget your tiny New York City apartment!

One wall is lined with wooden storage units, and the kitchen/dining area are situated in the basement here as well. There is a large sink, oven, an open pantry with canned goods, and a large table and chairs.

The food storage space looks like a grocery store, and you can find various home-grown vegetables, pie filling, jams, and even bologna!

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They definitely won’t be going hungry any time soon!

The bedrooms are just what you would expect; they have the same furnishings as any home. There are no closets, or even piles of clothing like you might find if your own room at home!

Check out those beautiful handmade wood pieces!

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The tour definitely provides some perspective on a different way of living! Hopefully it can make us more understanding of the communities around us.

Watch the full virtual tour in the video below.

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