Baby gets given up for adoption – 40 years later, he officiates his birth parents’ wedding

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Most people who fall in love at a young age end up growing apart. The couple in this story finally got back together, thanks to the biological son the father never knew he had.

Michele Newman and David Lindgren were high school sweethearts.


All of their friends said that they made an amazing couple. And for over a year, they made each other very happy.

But many young people know that their first love is not their last. So they made the mutual decision to break up.

There was only one problem.

Just after the break up, Michele discovered that she was pregnant with David’s child.

For a while, Michele battled with a range of emotions. What should she do about the child? Should she tell David? She was so young and definitely wasn’t ready for motherhood.

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Eventually, after weighing up the options, Michele decided to not tell David that she was carrying his child.

She also decided to give the child up for adoption, reasoning that there were other people who could give her baby the love that they deserved.

Nine months later, Michele went into labor. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy and only got to hold him for a small while before he went to his new parents.

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It was heartbreaking, but Michele knew that it was the best thing to do.

Martin Schmidt, the baby, grew up with loving adoptive parents.

They gave him a childhood full of happiness. At the right age, Martin learned that he was adopted, but for a long time it didn’t bother him.

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His two adoptive parents were all he had known. But then something happened to change this.

At the age of 36, Martin learned that he himself was going to become a father.

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He realized that there were two people out there who would have a grandchild that they would have no knowledge of. So he began his search for his biological mom and dad.

Martin contacted the adoption agency that had handled his case. They were able to connect him to his mother.

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Luckily, Michele was more than keen to have Martin in her life. Every day since she had given Martin up, she had wanted to contact him, but she never had as she was worried that it would ruin his life.

When Martin met his biological mother for the first time, he asked who his father was.

Michele admitted that David had no idea that Martin even existed. She was hesitant to contact him, but eventually, Martin convinced her.

David was over the moon to hear from Michele after so long. He was even happier when he learned that he had had a son all these years.

In no time at all, he arranged to meet them.


When David, Michele, Martin and Martin’s son met, they all got along so well. In fact, David and Michele felt the same attraction to one another that they had had all those years ago. They learned that they were both single.

Soon, these high school sweethearts started dating once again.

After a few years, Michele and David decided to tie the knot.

Their family and friends, some of whom had known the two when they had first started dating in high school, all attended the wedding. But Martin was not sat amongst them during the ceremony. Instead, he was officiating the proceedings.

On the face of it, Martin, Michele and David sound like the most typical family that there could be.

The mom and dad are married and have a son. It just took four decades for this arrangement to work out!

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Source: Inside Edition