Baby and dad 'face-off' with adorable muscle-flexing contest

There is always a face-off between dad and son. Since the days of old, sons have been challenging and wrestling their dads. This is probably a test of authority, as well as a way to learn how to defend yourself in a rough environment. Think of how lion cups will rough up their dads in order to test his strength and their own!

Dad’s wrestling with their kids is a great way to make mom nervous as well as get the kid ready for life!

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Australian researchers performed a study that determined roughhousing with dad was crucial for development! The researchers found:

“Rough and tumble play between fathers and their young children is part of their development, shaping their children’s brain so that their children develop the ability to manage emotions and thinking and physical action altogether,” said Fletcher. “This is a key developmental stage for children in that preschool area between the ages of about two and a half and five. That’s when children learn to put all those things together.”

This little boy and his dad may be contenders for the cutest example of this.

A little boy and his dad were caught showing off their muscles in the mirror together! This hilarious escapade has millions of views, and for good reason!

The boy is shirtless with a pair of blue jean pants!

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He looks like he is ready for his body-building competition! Letting out a big “baby grunt” and flexing, he shows off his muscles to his dad!

Dad encourages him and shows him how Poppa does it.

Dad (acting as the backboard for the wobbly baby), shoes the tyke his own strength. Letting out a slightly manlier grunt, he brings his arms together in classic bodybuilder fashion.

Since dad did it again, baby does it again!

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Babies don’t mind repeat playtime! When dad flexes, future-man flexes back a second time! You can see him stick out his tongue in order to get maximum strength levels. It seems to work too!

The two go back and forth for a bit, showing off their muscles.

Back and forth, the duo flex. It may be a show of attempted dominance from the little boy! He still has quite some time before he will be able to take his dad on in an arm wrestle, however.

After a round of flexing, dad can’t contain himself and breaks down laughing.

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When dad starts laughing, the baby notices that there may be someone outside the door filming! If it is mom, he may have a chance to show off his muscles to her, too!

Once the boy notices his mom is outside, the flex-off is over.

There are few cuter things than a baby just having a good time. These parents obviously care for their little boy and love playing with him.

Old-man strength is a thing!

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This baby has quite some time before he will be able to take on his dad in a wrestling match! Old-man strength is a real thing and has caused the demise of quite a cocky son through the years!

Check out the video below!

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