11 months free of cancer, 2-year-old with Down syndrome and father share a heartwarming message

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Kristian Thomas is just three years old, yet he’s already been through so much. This is his amazing story.

Kenny and Josilyne Thomas were expecting their fourth child in 2016 when they heard the news that would forever change their lives.

The couple went in for a routine scan, and up until that point, they had thought that their son would be just like their other kids.

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The doctor said that the pregnancy scan revealed that their child had a 75% chance of Down syndrome.

The news hit the parents hard. They had figured that after three children, they had seen it all. But they realized that this child would be different.

Then and there, the parents decided that they would love and fight for their child, no matter what.

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When Kristian was born, the parents discovered that he did indeed have Down syndrome. Yet there was nothing that they would change about their newborn.

But then, just after Kristian turned one year old, the baby’s parents received even more devastating news. Kristian had leukemia.

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This was an incredibly serious diagnosis. And it meant that Kristian, who was such an innocent child, would have to endure so much pain. The baby had no way of knowing that all of this pain was for his own good.

So the baby had to undergo intensive care. The baby was given one round of chemo, and then another, and then another, and then another and then another.

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Each time, Kristian would cry, confused about the pain. But his mom and dad would be by his side. They did anything they could to cheer him up. Kenny, who is a professional dancer, even made up some special dances to keep his child happy throughout this time.

And then, after that fifth round of chemotherapy, the family got some amazing news.

The cancer was in remission. This didn’t mean that they were free from worry entirely, but it was an amazing achievement.

Kristian was able to live without pain and worry every single day. At last, he could enjoy being a toddler like any two-year-old should.

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In the year since Kristian’s remission, there has been no sign of the child’s cancer returning.

Kristian just turned three years old, and he continues to brighten everyone’s day.

On November 12th, Kristian celebrated being free of cancer for one year. Just after this milestone, Kristian and his dad posted a very special video onto Instagram.

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To celebrate overcoming Kristian’s disease, the father and son danced to a song together. The dad and the child were so happy to be able to celebrate this day together. Hopefully, they will have many, many more years where they can dance and enjoy each other’s company.

This video became a hit on Instagram. It soon gained thousands upon thousands of views. It was also filled with hundreds of comments praising Kristian and Kenny.

People have been saying things like this:

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This just goes to show why it’s so important to support your children, no matter what.

Kristian knows that his parents love him, and that love has helped him overcome something no child should have to deal with.

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