Baby hilariously growls at her aunt, and no one can hold back their laughter

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You never know exactly how babies will react to people. When this little girl met her aunt for the first time, she had a very strange way of saying hi.

When the woman in this video first learned that she was going to become an aunt, she was overjoyed.

Zeanah/Instagram Source: Zeanah/Instagram

Months later, when the aunt’s niece finally came into the world, the aunt couldn’t wait to meet her. So the aunt arranged a trip to her sister’s state to visit the baby. The aunt didn’t know how the baby would react to her. She was shocked at what the little girl did.

The aunt picked her niece up for the first-ever time and smiled. The niece growled back at her.

Sethstiles/YouTube Source: Sethstiles/YouTube

As strange as it sounded, the growl wasn’t aggressive. It was more like the baby was expressing excitement. The baby’s mother started recording.

The aunt growled lightly back. Then the baby growled back at the aunt. Soon, the aunt and niece were enthusiastically growling back and forth.

Sethstiles/YouTube Source: Sethstiles/YouTube

The aunt couldn’t help but laugh when the baby lunged forward with a louder than ever growl. Then her husband laughed. Pretty soon, everyone, except for the baby, was in hysterics.

After some more growling, the aunt asked, “Are you getting mad at me?”

Sethstiles/YouTube Source: Sethstiles/YouTube

The footage cut out there. Luckily, the baby’s mother then uploaded it to her YouTube channel. It soon went viral. To date, the video has gained over 1.7 million views. It also has more than 55,000 likes.

So what was the baby trying to do by “growling”? According to, many babies growl within the first six months of their lives.

Kimberlysherroart/Instagram Source: Kimberlysherroart/Instagram

Initially, they’re growling is just a reflex. But later on, babies growl because they like the feeling it makes in their throats. Eventually, babies will associate growling with displeasure, but it takes some time for them to do this.

And the baby niece in the video isn’t the only growling baby on the internet. In fact, it could be considered a whole subgenre of video.

For instance, in the above video, the baby growls at a lower, more prolonged pace. But the baby is clearly in a good mood.

It’s almost as if that baby is growling because he’s happy about learning to crawl.

But that baby that knows that growling means anger. Her mom is trying to make her eat green vegetable baby food. And she isn’t at all happy about it.

Instead, she growls, yells and spits out the baby food.

If only we could get away with growling at other people like these babies do.

Just imagine how fun it would be if the next time you had to talk to your least favorite relative, you responded by growling back. And if they were to ask why you were doing that, you could just respond with something like, “I’m not annoyed at you, I’m just making the noise because I like it.” Babies really are lucky to be able to growl at whoever they want, whenever they want.

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