Every day, unswaddled baby throws his arms up for joy

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We all like to start the day with something to perk us up. For some of us, it’s coffee. For this baby, it’s an expression of sheer joy.

Imagine being a four-month-old baby. Everything is new and your every need is catered to. That sounds pretty good, right?

If only babies could appreciate how hassle-free and lucky they are. Well, Kaden does. In fact, he begins every single morning with an expression of pure joy.

KPtheBaby/Instagram Source: KPtheBaby/Instagram

Every night, Kaden’s parents swaddle him up nice and tight. The baby loves being swaddled, as it gives him comfort and security during his sleep time. (The baby’s startle reflex is strong, so the swaddling helps him have a good rest.)

And then in the morning, when it’s time to get up, Kaden’s parents unwrap him. Every time, Kaden smiles with joy and flexes his arms up in the air in joy.

KPtheBaby/YouTube Source: KPtheBaby/YouTube

Kaden’s parents decided to record this adorable reaction. And they did so again and again and again.

Kaden’s parents then edited his morning arm raisings and smiles into a video compilation and uploaded them to YouTube. In no time at all, the video went viral. To date, it has gained over 4 million views. It also has more than 35,000 likes.

Since this video, Kaden’s parents have kept the world updated with his life. Kaden is growing into a happy toddler.

Another popular video shows Kaden learning to hold and drink from a bottle.

Kaden’s dad hands him the bottle. First, Kaden tries and fails to direct the top of the bottle into his mouth. But Kaden’s father keeps on encouraging him, and eventually, Kaden successfully manages to drink from the bottle all on his own.

And another video shows Kaden’s dad making the baby “float” in the air.

The dad explains that Kaden is actually a wise sage. So the dad asks the baby what the meaning of life is. Kaden “replies” that the answer is milk, always milk.

Kaden also has a dedicated following on Facebook. Over 44,000 people have been entertained by his antics on the site as he grows into a toddler.

The baby loves going to restaurants with his parents. His favorite food is French fries.

When it comes to French fries, the answer is always ALWAYS "more." 🍟——————-#kpthebaby #babysignlanguage #hisfathersson #more @canarysquarejp // onesie by @Burt sbeesbaby

Posted by KPtheBaby on Wednesday, August 16, 2017

In fact, he claps every time he gets given a French fry.

Amazingly, Kaden’s mom was filming when he spoke his first word.

We were hoping for "dada" or "mama", but "ball" as a first word is one hell of a consolation prize. ⚽️🏀🏈⚾️🎾🏐🎱——————–#kpthebaby #firstword #ballboy #prouddad #nextiteachhimaboutthenickledefense

Posted by KPtheBaby on Wednesday, August 30, 2017

They were hoping for “mama” or “dada,” but instead, he said “ball.”

More recently, Kaden has been making dinosaur masks and impersonating a dinosaur for the world to enjoy.

🚨SPOILER 🚨 ALERT: in next week’s emotionally charged episode of The Masked Singer, the Dinosaur faces a full-blown identity crisis.•#mymoneywasonmariolopez #themaskedsinger #theremeare #kpthebaby #kpandme

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Kaden also recently got a little sister of his own! The big brother has welcomed the newborn into the family and can’t get enough of playing with her.

Kaden, his sister and the rest of his family have many, many adventures ahead of them. The boy is still a toddler, yet he’s amassed a dedicated following online. Who knows where the future will take him?

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Source: KPtheBaby