Band chills entire audience with its haunting twist on “Little Drummer Boy”

While we all know the “standard” traditions that Christmas brings, there is something special that happens each year that we don’t always think about. Yes, we have all the classic Christmas songs that we love to sing along with, but there is something special about hearing artists around the world remake those classics into new masterpieces each year!

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One band did just that for the song “Little Drummer Boy”.

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‘For King and Country’ is a Nashville based band that did an astounding job showing us just how far you can take old songs! The Christian-pop group took a song that we have all heard and turned it into a song that may give you the chills.

For King and Country originally performed a version of the song in Phoenix, Arizona, and it was recorded and put on the internet.

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If anyone was going to do remake the song, the two brothers are the perfect duo to do it. Joel and Luke Smallbone are originally from Australia and have won multiple Grammy awards. With their Christian and pop influence, Christmas songs seem to be right up their alley!

Despite not having their own Christmas album, they did a Christmas tour that included the now-viral version of the song.

There are limitless ways to remake a song. For Little Drummer Boy, the duo did something special. Joel explained to People:

“It’s very basic. This is a song about a boy who’s playing a drum for Jesus. And here we are, seven guys [in the band] playing a load of drums. Why didn’t Bing Crosby or Frank Sinatra ever think of this?”

Adding to what his brother said, Luke mention:

“It was just the lowest hanging fruit of all time, that nobody had put drums on the ‘Little Drummer Boy.’ And we were just there at the right height.”

With the success of their Christmas tour, and that song, in particular, they did a recording at Grand Canyon University where the video went viral.

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The song wasn’t just performed by the two brothers, either. They have a full band accompanying them through the whole performance. With their modern take on things, the simple song and “pa rum’s” that we all know came to life in a whole new way.

With a drum strapped to his body, Luke dances around while passionately playing.

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The “full sizes drummer boy” furiously beats the drum as the band backs him up with an array of instruments and accompaniments. The voices of the two brothers are nothing to laugh at either. They are absolutely captivating and bring a whole new dynamic to the song and its performance.

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With how good it is, it’s no wonder it has over 8 million views on YouTube!

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The internet is really loving it. They are closing in on 9 million views and the comments keep pouring in as well.

“OMG…. OMG…OMG…. (tears of emotion) this is the BEST version I’ve heard.”

There are so many drums and layers to the song that you can’t just listen to it once.

Check out the video for yourself below!

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