10 Bizarre Clothing Choices That Raise A Lot Of Questions

Our fashion choices offer us a wonderful way to express ourselves.

And since we’re all unique, we all make different fashion choices.

Some of our personal clothing choices might be puzzling to others. And, in turn, we might find the fashion choices of others to be bewildering.

Here are 10 fashion choices that we just don’t understand:

1) Terror Bikini

This is the most terrifying bikini I’ve ever seen in my life. Sometimes women will have to deal with others starring at their chest, but this woman is fighting back. Now her chest is starring at others and it is very creepy. Touché.

Minions bikini from CrappyDesign

2) Peekaboo

Sometimes men get sweaty and need to air our their chest to keep cool. So, that’s why this shirt exists. Probably not though. We just made that up. Maybe his nipples just wanted to play peekaboo.

Admit it, you want one… from funny

3) Hip Bone Breather

Ever wish your hip bones had room to breathe in public? Me neither. But apparently, some do? It literally looks like someone just grabbed these and took a scissor to them. The seams are all scraggly.

4) Push Up

Apparently, this bra needed a hand with its push-up powers. So, they literally build a hand inside of the bra to push your boobs up. It’s like that Janet Jackson album cover in bra form. Why bother making it look like hands though if it’s only on the inside. I guess for a good laugh and that totally makes sense to me.

These are some interesting looking gloves, but I like!

5) Hairy Suit

This bathing suit instantly turns a lady’s chest into a man’s chest. Hair and all. There will be a whole lot of double-takes at the beach when this suit hits the sand. It’s actually pretty hilarious and would be so wonderful to see someone brave enough to rock it at the town pool.

Beloved Shirts Source: Beloved Shirts

6) Hug Me Jacket

Need a hug? This jacket can help you with that. It’s a very compassionate piece of fashion. I just don’t get the folded fingers. The folded fingers are what’s creeping me out. Not a fan.

7) Cowboy Boot Sandal

Here we have two shoes in one. Why though? If you don’t need your toes covered, why do your ankles need protection? I imagine these would be hard to clean.

8) Giving the Cold Shoulder

This is what’s called a “cold shoulder jacket.” For when you want to be warm but not really. Who would want to have cold shoulders? This jacket is giving me anxiety just looking at it.

9) Giant Jeans

This is listed as a jumpsuit. But it’s kind of just a pair of jeans that don’t end. Held up with suspenders. There’s no suit in the jump. Apparently, it cost $1,425. Why are the bottoms only frayed in the front?

Lyst Source: Lyst

10) Gucci Sock Sandal

Nordstrom Source: Nordstrom

So, it’s a shoe that looks like your own foot is in the shoe. But the “sock” is removable. I don’t get it. Maybe it’s for people who think they have ugly feet and want to conceal them?

Everyone has their own idea of fashion, but that doesn’t mean everyone understands why it is fashionable!

Girls fashion nowadays????????

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Source: Brightside, Bored Panda