8-year-old gets joy from mowing lawns for first responders and helping to feed the hungry

There are some truly special people in the world. People who want to help others, especially those in need. One young boy is getting a lot of attention by helping people in need within his local community.

He has even started a charitable organization to help those in need of food or help with mowing their lawn.

Born to help others

Facebook/Helping Footprint Source: Facebook/Helping Footprint

For eight-year-old Grayson Winfield, helping others is in his blood. Born of firefighter parents, the South Carolina native wants nothing more than to help people in need. It is this selfless attitude that has endeared him to many across the Internet.

Even at the age of four, he had the welfare of others in mind as he rounded up Christmas presents to give to the less fortunate. He likes to help people so much that he, along with his parents, started Helping Footprint, an organization designed to help anyone who needs a helping hand.

A true American hero

Facebook/Helping Footprint Source: Facebook/Helping Footprint

For the most part, he helps first responders working busy hours, and the elderly. Grayson wants to be like one of his heroes, President John F. Kennedy. He also wants to someday be a Navy Seal.

Why? Because, as Grayson put it best in a CNN interview, “Helping others is the right thing to do. Also, JFK was in the Navy before becoming president, and I want to follow his lead.”

Getting the word out

Facebook/Helping Footprint Source: Facebook/Helping Footprint

Grayson even has his own business cards, which he likes to hand out. A part of Helping Footprints services is delivering gift cards that people can then use to buy food. Another is mowing the lawns of those who need it, mainly the elderly and first responders working too much to be able to do the task themselves.

All in the family

Facebook/Helping Footprint Source: Facebook/Helping Footprint

Grayson’s goal, along with the help of his brother and foster brother, is to mow five lawns a week. His brother, Garrett, who wants to be a chef someday, makes snack bags for the less fortunate.

“The boys have helped many people along the way,” his mother said. “Many more than we can count.”

Helping Footprint

Facebook/Helping Footprint Source: Facebook/Helping Footprint

To help as many people as he possibly could, Grayson, with his parents’ help, started Helping Footprint. Helping Footprint’s mission is to help members of the community in need. For more on how you can donate to Grayson’s cause, visit the organization’s Facebook page.

According to Grayson’s mom, Stevie Winfield, Helping Footprint got its start after the COVID-19 pandemic struck. “He asked how people will keep their homes and feed their children if they aren’t working. That is truly what started Helping Footprint take off.”

For more on this young good Samaritan, watch the video below.

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