Boy is scared abusive dad will hurt his puppy, leaves dog at shelter with a heartbreaking note

Sometimes, true love means you have to sacrifice, even if that means you have to leave your beloved puppy behind.

Last February 14, 2020, while many people were out celebrating Valentine’s Day, a young boy was left heartbroken.

Life can sometimes give you a tough situation where you must choose what’s best for the ones you love and this young boy has just learned the true meaning of love and sacrifice.

Xollin is a shelter for abandoned and abused dogs; the admin of the shelter posted a story on Facebook that went viral.

In their short post, they stated that someone left a pit bull puppy outside their shelter. It was inside a box with a note and a stuffed animal.

The note was from a young boy who was only 12 years old. According to CNN, the boy identified himself as Andrés and even though it was hard, he decided to leave his puppy at a shelter February 13, 2020.

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According to CNN, the letter said:

“My name is Andrés and I am 12 years old. My mom and I decided to leave my dog in your hands, hiding it from my dad because he is thinking about selling him. But he mistreats and kicks him. One day he kicked him so hard that he hurt his tail. I hope you can help and take care of him.”

This letter touched so many people. It was sad and will break anyone’s heart. This young boy and his mother decided to sacrifice their happiness in order to give this young pup a nicer life – away from his abusive father.

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On the last part of the letter, the young boy added:

“”I left him a stuffed animal so he won’t forget me.”

The boy clearly loved his puppy. Though anyone in his situation would understand why he had to make this tough decision. Seeing your best friend being kicked and being hurt is something unacceptable!

He was only a boy and can’t do anything but to make sure that someone out there can give his beautiful pit-bull a better home, where he would be happy, safe and well-loved.

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Just a few hours after being posted, the post went viral and the group received so many messages about them wanting to adopt the beautiful pitbull.

The people from Xollin were shocked to see how their post went viral. It now has more than 2.2K reactions and almost 900 shares.

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Though the people from the shelter were happy about the eagerness of the people to adopt the dog that they named Rene, they wanted to share a simple message:

“If everyone opened their heart and their home like this little dog, they would have adopted all our dogs from the shelter,” according to their follow up Facebook post.

They actually received more than 300 messages about wanting to adopt Rene but there are also so many dogs in their shelter that equally want and need to be loved and to find their forever family.

This may have started as a sad and heartbreaking event but because of this Facebook post, not only Rene but all the other abused and abandoned animals in this shelter may now have a chance to find a home that will love and accept them.

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Source: Xollin, CNN