British all-boys choir sing stunningly mesmerizing rendition of “Carol of the Bells”

Everyone gets in on Christmas.

This time of the year always brings everyone just a little closer, even if we’ve seemingly drifted away from one another. There’s something to the glow of lights, the warmth of homes, the sweetness of all the treats, and the songs – how could we ever dismiss the yuletide carols? In fact, there are hundreds, if not thousands of renditions of Christmas carols out there. Whether we’re singing it ourselves, the local school knocks at your front door, or celebrities make it their own – there’s no doubt that the songs are abundant this time of year!

It’s something exceptional when a church choir sings a carol.

YouTube/Libera Source: YouTube/Libera

After all, Christmas has its roots in Christianity. So when a church performs these special songs it’s truly something moving for our ears to behold.

Enter this British all-boys choir named Libera.

YouTube/Libera Source: YouTube/Libera

Hailing from South London, these boys have been blessed with stunning talents, and have not delayed in impressing on the hearts of many worldwide.

Their magnificent rendition of “Carol of the Bells” will absolutely give you chills!

YouTube/Libera Source: YouTube/Libera

Since being posted, their video has received over seven million views (and climbing!) and an amazing 347k likes. It’s safe to say, viewers from all over are delighting in the beauty of this choir.

Their website describes these gifted lads:

“The boys who make up the vocal band Libera have been described as “normal” and “ordinary”. However, as their recordings and performances demonstrate, the music they produce is truly extraordinary. With shimmering, mystical chords and ecstatic harmonies, they are unlike any other group you have ever heard. These are truly sounds to lift the soul. Celestial sounds for a new time.”

As it stands, the ages of the boys in the choir range anywhere from seven to sixteen – and their vocal ranges reach even higher!

YouTube/Libera Source: YouTube/Libera

One listen and your ears will absolutely melt into their heavenly harmonies.

YouTube/Libera Source: YouTube/Libera

Heartwarmingly, the boys don’t view themselves as a choir, they much prefer to view themselves as a boy band.

In the video, Libera performs this beloved Christmas song from within St. Augustine’s Church in Kilburn, London. The church in itself is a sight to behold. With old-world charm and architecture, this church is often referred to as the “Cathedral of North London”.

The boys line up in matching white robes, readying themselves to deliver the most angelic of voices.

YouTube/Libera Source: YouTube/Libera

Behind them, in the camera’s view, is a giant crucifix and a gallery of lit candles. As soon as the boys begin to sing, they set the wheels of Christmas right into motion. They slowly start to build, voices upon voices, until the entire church is filled with the most joyful of sounds.

“Hark how the bells
Sweet silver bells
All seem to say
Throw cares away”

“Christmas is here
Bringing good cheer
To young and old
Meek and the bold”

Together, the voices that comprise Libera soar through the large open space of the cathedral, producing something truly mesmerizing and divine.

YouTube/Libera Source: YouTube/Libera

There are indeed many different versions and renditions of “Carol of the Bells”, but these young boys completely steal the show with sheer talent.

Ready to have a listen yourself? Check out Libera’s stunning Christmas spirit in the video linked below!

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