Cat crashes Cairo film festival and hilariously struts its stuff

We all love red carpets for their glitz and glamour. We also love cats for their spontaneity and cuteness. We don’t often expect these things to overlap, but in the event they do, you better be prepared for some hilarity.

That’s what happened at the Cairo International Film Festival, an annual film festival in Egypt’s capital city.

While the stars were arriving for a screening of the film “Ammar” by Mahmoud Kamel, a star of a very different kind decided to make an appearance.

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A stray cat wandered onto the red carpet.

Much to the surprise and delight of everyone, an adorable little kitty decided to walk the red carpet along with the film’s stars. While celebrities were posing for photos, this cat wanted some attention too!

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The video shows the cat wandering up behind a woman on a podium, who is totally unaware of any non-human interaction.

When she turns around, her surprise and amusement are palpable. It seems like the cat took a liking to her because later, it was caught on film trying to playfully attack her pretty boots.

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Later, this little superstar even posed for some photos.

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While sitting on a podium with a man, the cat seems bemused but nonchalant about all the movement and camera flashes around it.

In fact, while this cat is calmly sitting, posing nicely for the cameras, its male costar for the moment playfully poses around it.

These two do a great job of sharing the spotlight, and the man seems excited and in on the joke.

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To make this moment even more hilarious, at one point the cat gets bored of posing nicely and rolls over to show its belly.

In this adorable moment, the human star remains professional and continues to pose for photos while still enjoying sharing the space with the comfortable cat.

Why didn’t the man rub the cat’s belly?

When you see the picture, it seems like the cat is definitely begging for a belly rub. Dogs do it all the time, so why would cats be any different right?

Well, it turns out that a cat showing its belly means a totally different thing.

For cats, because their belly is highly sensitive and delicate, showing their belly is more a sign of trust that you won’t touch them in a way they don’t like. As Catster explains, “When you see that cat belly, your kitty is telling you, ‘I trust you with my life.’ Don’t violate that trust by going in for a belly rub, pet, or tickle!” The man posing with the cat seems to have known that and respected the trust they had built in that moment.

The online response has been ecstatic.

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One commenter summed up everyone’s love for cats by writing, “Oh my God, I love cats. Irreverent, poking fun at human constructs!” Moments like this are exactly why people love cats. They are a constant source of hilarity and joy.

A commenter on Reddit gave the cat a new title, writing “She’s the guest of honor”.

This cat totally stole the show.

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This mischievous kitty begged for attention- and totally got the star treatment it deserved!

Regardless of all the amazing films and performances at the film festival, it’s clear that the biggest star of the night was this cat that happened to wander in at just the right moment.

To see more of this sweet kitty strutting the “catwalk”, check out the video below!

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