Children put a 4-month-old puppy through unimaginable cruelty with industrial-strength glue

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The four-month-old stray was hoping that the kids he approached would give him food. Instead, they almost killed him.

One day, a gang of kids was playing in an empty construction yard in Istanbul, Turkey.

A hungry stray puppy approached them. He could smell food and was desperate. Instead of feeding the dog, the kids decided to torment him.

24 Horas. El Diario sin Limites/Facebook Source: 24 Horas. El Diario sin Limites/Facebook

They lifted him up, put him in a box and attempted to drown him in some glue that they had found.

Luckily, some passersby heard the dog barking as he was drowning. These people were able to scare the kids off. The dog was still alive but stuck to the box on one side.

Jorge Morera Chaves/Facebook Source: Jorge Morera Chaves/Facebook

They rushed him to a local rescue organization.

At He’Art of Rescue, the puppy initially tried to hide in a corner from the vets. But the dried glue meant that he could barely move.

Amo Meu Pet/Facebook Source: Amo Meu Pet/Facebook

The glue was cutting off the dog’s circulation. It was now as hard as cement. So the vets rushed to shave the glue off.

After many hours, the glue had been thoroughly sheared from every part of the dog.

Pipo Rodriguez Coronda/Facebook Source: Pipo Rodriguez Coronda/Facebook

Despite the vets’ best efforts, the puppy had to endure a lot of pain during this procedure. Much of his skin was red raw after the shaving was finished.

The vets were worried about the dog. How much glue had he ingested, they wondered. So they monitored him closely for a day. During that day, the dog was barely moving.

Luckily, eventually, the dog started to perk up. It appeared that the dog had managed to only ingest a tiny about of glue.

Amo Meu Pet/Facebook Source: Amo Meu Pet/Facebook

So the rescuers named the dog Pascal and were determined to show him that humans could be kind.

Over the next few days, the dog began to perk up.

Yen Brouwer/Facebook Source: Yen Brouwer/Facebook

Soon, he had made friends with another dog in the center.

In a couple of months, Pascal was completely unrecognizable. This once timid animal had become friendly. His fur had also started to grow back.

Red Noticiero Animal/Facebook Source: Red Noticiero Animal/Facebook

And eventually, a kind-hearted family took the puppy in. Pascal took a while to build up trust with his new owners.

But now he has an amazing life. He often gets to go to the beach and has all the love and attention he needs.

Amo Meu Pet/Facebook Source: Amo Meu Pet/Facebook

A report of Pascal’s story then appeared on YouTube. It soon went viral.

To date, it has gained over 4.1 million views. It also has more than 66,000 likes and 18,000 comments. People have been saying things like this:

Inside Edition/YouTube Source: Inside Edition/YouTube

Many of the comments are from people who wish harm upon the kids who tortured the dog. But of course, the parents of the kids are the ones who should be the most ashamed.

Every parent needs to teach their children to treat animals with decency, especially dogs. Really, they are responsible for this puppy almost dying in a terrible way.

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Source: Inside Edition, The Sun