Dog born without neck defies odds and finds perfect family to love him

Animals, like humans, have their own stories to tell. Some of them are happy and some are not.

We’ve seen tons of tragic stories about dogs, but as we all know, these four-legged creatures are born to thrive and be larger than life.

Time to meet Cooper.

He was born without a neck so imagine how tough his situation was. His condition was caused by the compression of some of his vertebrae while he was still in the womb.

Aside from this condition, the lovely doggo also had a rough start in life.

When he was just two months old, this helpless pooch was found near a puppy mill. Just imagine how a little dog like him survived such a predicament.

Thankfully, though, he was rescued by animal control officers in Halifax, Virginia back in 2017.

Cooper was taken to Secondhand Hounds, a nonprofit animal rescue in Minnesota. They looked after him and helped him in finding a new family.

They also witnessed the struggles of Cooper because of his condition. Although he can walk, his condition was preventing him from doing such a simple routine for a long period of time.

Despite all these, Secondhand Hounds still did everything to help him and made things a little bit easier for him.

They treated him for ear mites, worms, and a hernia, among other things. They also managed to find him a family.

It’s just that some things didn’t work out well as planned.

Until one day, fate turned in his favor.

Elly and Andy Keegan are proud fur parents and as it turned out, they’re also the missing pieces of the puzzle to Cooper’s life.

Elly said, “I am lucky to have the support of Secondhand Hounds and the right environment for a special needs dog. That’s not to say we don’t have incidences. A few months after he came he had a fall and fractured his neck in five places.”

Days became brighter for brave Cooper. Because of his regular intake of antibiotics, his spine eventually became free from infection.

He was also able to go to the bathroom by himself without any assistance.

It’s the type of life that a brave-hearted dog like him truly deserves! He’s as free as any dog and he’s enjoying life to its fullest!

He’s not only enjoying life, he’s also a social media star!

Although he’s not aware of his online fame, this little fighter was undeniably admired by many.

“It’s hard because he can’t go for long walks and can’t spend a lot of time on hard surfaces. He has to be on soft ground like grass or carpet. ‘But he’s still the happiest dog,” Elly said.

Cooper was just one of the many innocent victims of inbreeding. Unfortunately for him, he got dumped right when his breeder realized he was not good for business.

For his new family, however, it was the total opposite. They saw beauty, love, and so much joy from Cooper.

He was able to inspire not only his kind but also humans.

Teri Woolard (owner surrender coordinator of Secondhand Hounds) said, “Cooper is an example that dogs with disabilities have a lot of love to give and make great pets. We’re so happy to have been a part of his journey.”

Make sure you watch Cooper’s cute video below to get a glimpse of his charm!

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Source: Facebook, The Animal Rescue Site