Couple adopts dogs nearing the end of their lives and gives them unconditional love

Michele and Jeff Allen foster older, sick, and hospice dogs. They’ve been doing so since 2010, spending their time with dogs who are nearing the end of their lives.

The house sits on six acres in Southampton, New Jersey, and is home to dogs, lots of them, who need a home so they can spend their final days in peace.

The dogs are allowed on all of the furniture.

There are no rules so that means even the kids’ beds are open for the dogs. They get cuddles from kind volunteers while being able to play outside as much as they want.

The dogs get home cooked meals every day including regular visits to the vet.

The dogs come from rough pasts, often growing up in shelters, but in the Allen’s home, it’s pretty much heaven on earth for these furry friends.

That’s how Monkey’s House, a Dog Hospice & Sanctuary, was born.

The couple concentrates on the tri-state area of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. But they will take in shelter dogs from as far away as Kentucky and Tennessee.

Michele and Jeff have helped so many dogs. That includes the late Monkey, the group’s namesake.

She says that shelters don’t really have a lot of money allocated for older dogs, so shelters call Michele to foster them. There have been cases wherein she adopts dogs to expand their access to veterinary care.

“While dogs are dying, they’re also living, and they have very specific needs,” she said. “And there’s no help for that, there’s no funding for vet care, there’s no funding for anything.”

Allen previously worked as a registered nurse. Her interest in fostering grew with social media being a huge help.

Monkey’s House gets help from local volunteers who help dog-sit. It’s not easy since many of the dogs are blind, deaf, have serious heart murmurs, difficulty walking, or various other ailments.

These wonderful people take sick animals from shelters, showering them with the love and care they’ve only dreamt of.

It’s not too late to give these dogs love.

The Allens and their volunteers make sure these dogs know what it’s like to be treated as all dogs should be treated. If not for them, these dogs would die in shelters not knowing how wonderful life is.

Monkey was a tiny shelter dog with heart problems they once fostered. When Monkey passed away, the Allens found the inspiration to create the organization.

The dogs have anything from heart conditions to diabetes to cancer.

It costs a lot to treat any of those conditions, with the foundation relying on donations from outsiders. A dog food company also helps by donating over 60 pounds of food weekly.

50 awesome volunteers dedicate their time to helping the couple care for the dogs everyday.

These dogs may be nearing the end of their lives but thanks to the couple, they can sit back, relax, and live their days in peace.

Check out the video below for more on this nonprofit!

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Source: Humankind YouTube, The Animal Rescue Site