Dad’s emotional Cinderella dance with daughters is bringing people to tears

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Lots of parents and children like to learn fun dance routines with one another. But this father and his daughters really know how to move.

Russ Papparotto had been a dancer for many years. When he and his wife started a family, he was overjoyed to see one daughter after another share his passion for dance.

So the girls and the dad practiced a dance together. Pretty soon, Russ and the girls were ready to take to the stage.

Russ and his older two daughters, Sioned and Brianna had performed onstage before. But Sophia, who was six, had never. So the stakes were high!

The day came, and the family had perfected a routine for the Experimental Movement Concepts Dance Concert.

The opening piano notes played to the song Cinderalla by Steven Curtis Chapman.

The youngest daughter, Sophia, sprinted onto the stage in time to the music. The child seemed incredibly confident.

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When she had taken her place in the center of the stage, she performed some low key opening moves, hinting at what was to come.

Then the father walked onstage and knelt down. Sophia ran up to him, and he took her hand.

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Sophia span into her dad’s arms and looked into his eyes. She span out again, moved her arms and shook her dad’s hand.

The dad stood up, took both of Sophia’s hands and started dancing with her, back and forth, across the stage.

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Then the dad picked Sophia up by the waist and span her in the air elegantly. The audience applauded this.

Soon, Sophia was back on the ground, dancing with her father some more.

Then he picked her up again and span her closer to his chest this time.

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Russ put his daughter back on the ground. She sprinted out and back in to her fahter’s arms. This time, Russ span her high up in the air.

Sophia ran out and into Russ’s arms again. Russ span off the stage with his daughter still in his arms.

From the other side of the stage, Brianna danced out, spinning gracefully to the center.

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Then she leaped and rolled onto the floor before getting back up again.

Russ walked back onstage, and Brianna ran up to him. Russ grabbed her. Once more, he span, holding his daughter as he moved over the stage.

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Then Russ knelt down as Brianna lifted her leg in the air and leaned forward. After this move, Brianna took her dad’s shoulder, and the two danced as one.

After a few more stunning moves, Russ danced off the stage once more, holding his daughter in the air and spinning as he did so.

Sioned, the eldest daughter, walked onstage, and Russ walked out on the opposite side.

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Russ held Sioned and she leaned back in his arms. Then Russ held her arms. Sioned put her legs in the air and span around slowly, until he gently led her to the ground.

The father and daughter danced across the stage, with Sioned moving with as much grace as her younger siblings.

EMCdance/YouTube Source: EMCdance/YouTube

At the very end of the performance, all three girls joined their father onstage, and the audience enthusiastically cheered this talented family.

Everyone was amazed that all of the daughters had been able to dance with such consistency.

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Source: EMCdance