Dad who doesn’t know how to style his daughter’s hair – so he goes to beauty school

When Greg Wickherst enlisted the aid of a cosmetology student to teach him how to style his daughter’s hair, he had no idea the decision would make him go viral.

The doting father had divorced from his wife a year prior, and his two-year-old daughter Izzy spent most of her time with him after the split.

While Wickherst had no issues with the run-of-the-mill daily parenting, his progress hit a wall when tiny, baby Izzy starting growing longer hair. At this moment, Wickherst realized he’d have to learn a few styling skills beyond simply “brush.”

Wickherst, who was employed at a local college, asked one of his colleagues from the cosmetology department for help.

His colleague then got him in touch with one of the top students in her class. Together, Wickerst and the student began his hairstyling studies.

After observing the student demonstrate a few simple techniques, Wickherst brought a mannequin head home and began to practice, practice, practice. Soon enough, he realized his efforts weren’t for naught.

“In no time, I was able to do a simple braid, then a fishbone braid, and a French braid,” Wickherst told the Huffington Post. “I even learned how to do a ponytail, then flip it through itself either under or ever. I call that an inverted ponytail.”

As Wickherst practiced hairstyles on both the mannequin and Izzy, he sensed the bond between him and his daughter growing. The activity provided a way for them to spend quality time together and, of course, Izzy has no qualms about looking really, really ridiculously cute.

“She enjoys looking pretty, and I just like the interaction we have together,” he explained.

As Wickherst’s hairstyles continued to improve, he started sharing his creations on social media.

His family and friends would comment on the pictures, leaving feedback and advice – but little did Wickherst know that his devotion to his daughter would propel him into viral fame.

People could not get enough of his talent or the lengths he would go for his daughter.

The public interest ultimately inspired Whickherst, the self-proclaimed “Hair Dad,” to launch a YouTube channel where he shares hair tutorials for other confused dads. At one point, his community became so popular that he hosted a Daddy/Daughter Hairdo Contest where dads could submit photos of the hairstyles they had done on their girls’ hair.

It appears to be through this contest that Wickherst met fellow Hair Dad Philippe Morgese from Daytona Beach, Florida. Morgese impressed Wickherst with his impeccable braiding skills. The two also bonded over similar community.

According to ABC News, Morgese is credited with starting the Daddy Daughter Hair Factory – an organization that hosts classes for dads to learn the basics of hair care and styling. The basic lesson plan includes detangling, brushing, ponytails, three-strand braids, and a standard bun:

Now that Wickherst and Morgese have joined forces, Wickherst has joined the Daddy Daughter Hair Factory too.

Upworthy Source: Upworthy

In an interview with It’s A 10 Hair Care, Wickherst said the dads amongst this group are some of the most inspiring people he’s ever met.

These days, Wickherst is still all about his daughter’s hair life.

For him, it’s a way to channel his creativity into something fun. The fact that his daughter loves it too is clearly an added bonus. “I was never into art, drawing, painting, or anything like that,” Wickherst said. “When I do my daughter’s hair, it is like a blank canvas for me. I usually don’t have an exact idea of what her style will end up being.”

“Now I get to create something new every day.”

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