Dad finds out daughter is a bully, so he takes her victim on a shopping spree

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How do you combat childhood bullying? It’s a question that schools have been struggling to answer. This dad has come up with an unconventional solution.

One of the main problems with bullying in schools is that schools are not doing enough to combat it.

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In fact, between one in four and one in three students have been bullied. And society does not know the best ways to prevent bullying from happening.

But one father may just have come up with an ideal solution. His name is Randy Smalls.

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Growing up, Randy was a victim of bullying. It was devasting to his self-esteem, and it pained him to see people being so cruel to him for no reason.

Despite the bullying, Randy worked hard and was able to get a good career. He resolved to do all that he could to stop his daughter, Re’Onna, from being bullied. But in actuality, he would face the opposite problem.

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One day, Randy’s child’s school called him up. It was about bullying. At first, Randy was so upset.

He had always dreaded the day when he would hear that his girl was being bullied.

But the school administrator said something he had never expected. Re’Onna was in fact being a bully.

Re’Onna and a couple of other girls were making fun of a girl called Ryan.

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She did not have clothes that were considered fashionable, so the other kids mocked her for being poor.

At first, Randy didn’t know what to do. Then he came up with an idea that would both teach his daughter a lesson and make the girl his daughter was bullying feel better.

Re’Onna was a shopaholic. And Randy had planned to take her on a shopping spree at the local mall that weekend.

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So when Re’Onna came home from school that day, Randy told her that the shopping trip was off. Instead, the girl that she had been bullying, Ryan, would get the shopping spree instead.

Re’Onna was devastated to hear this news. She got mad at her dad and said that he couldn’t do this to her. But Randy didn’t budge. He said that his mind was made up.

And over the course of a couple of days, Re’Onna realized that what her father was doing was right. She had upset a young girl for no reason, and now she had to pay the price.

“After it all happened, I’m glad that we did this, because she needed that help.” – Re’Onna Smalls.

Randy met up with Ryan and her mom. He took the two to the mall and ended up spending hundreds of dollars on the girl his daughter had been mocking. And Re’Onna was there throughout this.

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While they were shopping, Randy and Re’Onna learned that Ryan had recently lost her father, aunt and grandfather.

This made him feel even worse about his daughter. He certainly hadn’t raised Re’Onna to make fun of people who had fallen into difficult circumstances.

Later, Re’Onna told her father that she would never make fun of another person again.

And Randy could tell that she was being honest. Randy was pleased that he’d been able to right this terrible wrong.

Randy is clearly an incredible father. He is able to not just look out for his own daughter but teach her to be a good person and that we have to right our wrongs.

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