Dad who can't afford to buy son a backpack weaves him one out of string

To many of us, bags are just a fairly accessible necessity. Whether we’re talking about the fashionable kind or the ones for school. They’re, after all, just pieces of fabric and zippers that we dump our stuff in.

Some of you might even have a whole collection of them in your closet somewhere. Given how mundane of a necessity they are to us, it becomes almost difficult to believe that anyone would have trouble getting one.

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As is often the case, however, things aren’t the same for everyone. Surely not for Cambodian student NY Keng and his father

The younger Keng was only 5 years old at this time.

The boy needed a backpack for school, being just around 1st grade age or younger. After all, no student can go to school without a bag. But his dad seems to have thought the backpack was too expensive, and that they could save money on one by getting a bit creative instead.

A schoolbag costs 30,000 Riels in Cambodia, equivalent to 7 US dollars. Imagine how little 7 dollars seems to many of us, compared to what it could get you in Cambodia

With the relatively expensive price of the bag and a lot of more important things to spend 30,000 Riels on, NY Keng’s father had to think of some other way to help him carry his books to school.

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His father isn’t the only farmer in this part of Cambodia. Farming is the way of life for most people here. With the skills he learned from being on the farm for a good portion of his life, his father was able to weave a custom-made backpack for his son.

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It’s every bit as cool and impressive as it sounds too

Made from Raffia string, a trusty material that itself made of polypropylene, the bag combines functionality with cost effectiveness. Furthermore, its quality rivals an actual store-bought schoolbag. Talk about a power move!

The school teacher, Sophous Suon was blown away, and rightfully so. The Raffia string making up the bag is partly water-proof, and also easy to clean. Just give it a wipe with a damp cloth and you’re good to go.

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Suon was so impressed with the craft-work of the bag that she didn’t hesitate to take photos and share them online

As with every wholesome internet story, the people who caught news of it wanted to help. Indeed, this is what the internet is for! A fair number of people offered to buy schoolbags for the boy, if only they had his contact details.

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While the price of the schoolbag wasn’t extremely unreasonable or luxurious, it nonetheless says a lot that there are people who have to consider more affordable options to schoolbags. Compare this to how schoolbags are almost forgettable items we take for granted in some parts of the world.

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Plus, the quality and practicality of the woven bag isn’t something to scoff at

It’s almost like when your grandma knits you your own shirts, except it’s probably not as awkward or embarrassing to wear (even though you love your grandma a lot).

The reactions to the woven backpack are nothing but positive. One comment even jokingly suggested that Keng’s father start a small business selling woven bags to hipsters.

Nevertheless, it’s fantastic what life-hacks you can think of when you’re just creative

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