79-year-old with dementia remembers the song he wrote decades ago


Music shapes our lives and our memories.

Many of us can look back and recall the times of our youth. We can remember the music that was playing during some of our most pivotal and precious moments. Undoubtedly, music holds immense power and influence over our lives. As it stands, even when we’re stripped of some of our most crucial faculties, memory included, music still has the ability to penetrate the loneliest of barriers.

Take 79-year-old Paul Harvey, for example. He’s facing one of nature’s cruelest fates: dementia.

Twitter/Nick Harvey Source: Twitter/Nick Harvey

His age is a big factor in his diagnosis, but it has yet to strip him of some of his most treasured memories – including music.

Twitter/Nick Harvey Source: Twitter/Nick Harvey

Harvey was unsure that he’d remember how to play one of his original compositions, but as he sat down at the piano, the memories once again flooded him he performed flawlessly.

Twitter/Nick Harvey Source: Twitter/Nick Harvey

As the song came back to him, his son Nick captured the beautiful moment and uploaded it to Twitter. The response was overwhelming. In less than 24 hours, the video had garnered more than half a million views. There, many people shared their heart, even requesting the sheet music for the featured tune.

Harvey’s son, who also writes music for television, penned this caption for the video:

“Dad has dementia. Sometimes he drifts into another world and I feel like I’m losing him. He is never more present, however, than when he plays the piano. He came to mine today and I asked him to play one of his compositions. He thought he wouldn’t be able to remember it.”

But the memory proved to be alive and well inside of him!

Twitter/Nick Harvey Source: Twitter/Nick Harvey

The former composer and pianist was filmed playing his 1980s original piece entitled “Where’s the Sunshine”, a piece he wrote as the music director of a British secondary school.

Nick was eager to record his father’s flawless recollection, admitting to The Washington Post:

“I didn’t know how many more chances I’d get to capture him playing like that.”

Truthfully, he wasn’t sure his father would be able to remember the piece, and it’s evident in the video that Paul was also unsure. Yet astonishingly, he recalled the piece for a seriously heartwarming moment.

Twitter/Nick Harvey Source: Twitter/Nick Harvey

Harvey’s son remains his biggest fan. Consistently, he’s applauded his music, revealing that this composition, like many of his others, could have “easily been good enough for the West End stage.”

One thing is for sure, this beautiful song will surely fill your heart with love and your eyes with tears!

Nick was able to track down the sheet music for his father, but he didn’t need it once. Despite his dementia, he played the entire song from memory.

Twitter/Nick Harvey Source: Twitter/Nick Harvey

The viral tweet lit up with comments of adoration. Nick replied, letting everyone know that his father was moved by the outpour of affection:

“He deserves wider recognition. He has more talent in his little finger than most people have in their whole body.”

The video even caught the attention of British singer-songwriter Emeli Sande, who shared her own heartfelt comment:

“Thank you for sharing this personal moment. Your dad’s composition is beautiful. Listening to him play, I am reminded of the healing power of music and the refuge it provides for us. Love to your dad and family and all others suffering with dementia.”

One watch will have the tears flowing, so ready your tissues and check out this performance in the video linked below!

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