Distressed 7-year-old pleads for help in neighbor’s door cam after escaping wild bobcat

You never know what might happen when you let your child play outside alone. Of course, you can’t watch your kids every waking moment of the day, but most parents make sure to teach their little ones what to do if an emergency happens.

Little Taylor is a 7-year-old girl from Scottsdale, Arizona, who happened to stumble upon a bobcat.

It was definitely an emergency situation, but she acted like a true adult.

Taylor, whose last name wasn’t revealed, got carried away while she was cycling around the block. She went a little farther from her house than she usually rides – and that’s when she encountered a bobcat.

We hope that the event didn’t result in any long-lasting trauma, because she (like most of us would be) was more than scared when the wild animal started coming near her. She couldn’t go back home because she was nowhere near home and passing the bobcat was just not an option. Instead, she turned away, left her bike, and started running.

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When she saw a familiar home nearby, Taylor ran to the porch and desperately rang the neighbor’s doorbell.

You can only imagine how distressed the 7-year-old was at that moment. At first, she knocks quietly, seeming a bit shy. All the time, however, she’s looking behind her back, fearing that the bobcat might have followed her.

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When her fear prevailed, Taylor started knocking louder, and louder, asking if anyone was home.

Luckily, Taylor’s neighbors had a Ring doorbell system, and they could see a live stream of what was happening.

Because no one was home, the Ring system put a call through to Nicole’s cellphone.

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Nicole is the owner of the house Taylor came to, and her daughter Lauren happens to be Taylor’s friend. Together, they comforted the little girl and asked her to stay on the line.

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Taylor could be heard crying on the phone. She was nervous because she couldn’t find her mom and was petrified that the bobcat would appear again.

Wearing a pink helmet and clutching her shirt nervously, Taylor is heard pleading, “Please, there’s a bobcat, is there anyone home?” Lauren, Taylor’s friend, told her that they’d be home in a minute and to stay there.

“Stay right there sweetie, as soon as I get you in my house safe, I will call your mom,” Lauren’s mom told her.

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Nicole told Lauren to keep talking to Taylor because she was driving and couldn’t use the phone. Eventually, the girl calms down when she finally sees the car pulling up in the driveway. Her sigh of relief is heart-melting. Poor baby, we can’t imagine how scared he was. Fortunately, she was brought back to safety and everything ended well.

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Bobcats aren’t dangerous to humans. They only become aggressive if they get infected with rabies.

Though bobcats aren’t a real danger to people, we can understand why Taylor got so scared. The size of these animals can be quite disconcerting.

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Kristen, Taylor’s mom, bought the same security system for her home the very next day after the incident.

It’s good to see everything coming to a happy end.

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