Gardener shares how to build affordable greenhouse using empty plastic soda bottles

Greenhouses let you grow whatever you like all year round. You can control the humidity, temperature, and light round the clock! Many home gardeners only have dreams of their own greenhouse. They can be costly and difficult to construct and acquire the materials. What if there was a way to make your own greenhouse that was easier and cheaper than common construction?

This DIY project is an inspiring tutorial on how to build your own backyard greenhouse!

We all probably should drink less soda, unless you are building a greenhouse! You can make your own greenhouse using leftover 2-liter bottles that you collect over time. With such a cheap and plentiful construction material, this DIY is perfect for anyone who loves to garden!

With just 8 steps, this is a project you can honestly tackle in one weekend.

Are you ready to begin your weekend project? Let’s get started!

Supplies needed:

  • 4″ x 4″ posts and 2″ x 2″ timber (about 240 feet)
  • Screws
  • Hinges for the door
  • Fencing staples
  • Postcrete
  • Gravel, slabs, and mulch matting
  • Garden canes
  • About 1500 plastic bottles


These are some pretty easy to follow directions. Once you have the supplies, you are well on your way to getting this thing finished.

1. Drink lots of liquids!

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With 1500 plastic 2-liter bottles needed, you may need to find a favorite drink for the next few months. If you already drink soda you can start right away. If you want to be a bit “healthier”, you can always just ask for other neighbors to wash theirs and give them to you.

2. Wash and cut to shape

Handy Mano Source: Handy Mano

Getting the bottles ready for building is the next piece. Make sure that you have washed all your bottles so they aren’t sticky or they could attract bugs and it would be quite the mess. Once washed, remove the labels, cut off the bottoms and throw away all the bottle tops.

3. Set the posts

Create the corners of the house by settling the 4×4 posts into the concrete. Spread mulch matting along the inside to keep the weeds from growing up later.

4. Create the frames

Using the 2×2 boards, create the frame of the house. Frame each side and frame each door and the roof. Screw together the corners of the frame but don’t do anything further.

5. Making the walls

Handy Mano Source: Handy Mano

Using the bottles, later them one by one on top of the garden canes. The result will be multiple beams of plastic bottles supported by a garden cane.

6. Secure the bottles

Handy Mano Source: Handy Mano

Using your fencing staples, secure the bottom of the bottle to the frame. Shoot the staple around the neck of the bottle and into the frame.

7. Mount the frames

Handy Mano Source: Handy Mano

Connect the frames to bring the structure together. Mount each frame to the upright corner posts.

8. Door and roof

Attach the roof and doors. You can do either a flat or sloped roof but a sloped on is recommended. Make the roof in the same way that you did the walls by stacking water bottles.

9. Enjoy!

Handy Mano Source: Handy Mano

You have officially completed your own greenhouse DIY project! This was originally completed by The Handy Mano and you can find some more detail about the process there!

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Source: Shareably, The Handy Mano