Couple spots abandoned dog in Florida Everglades curled up all alone until cops save the day

We’ve seen dogs abandoned in lots of terrible places. Though this one here may be quite a bit worse than the others.

An old shed, the back of a dumpster, and even underneath a car are all bad places.

You know what one of the worst places to abandon a pet is? The open fields of the Florida Everglades.

Right beside the highway.

This dog was left for dead in the cold grass of Florida’s Everglades.

It was right near the road. Normally, not a particularly dangerous place if it were another state.

But these are the Florida Everglades.

These fields are home to alligators, coral snakes, and plenty of other things that would make short work of a weak dog.

A couple spotted the dog, noticing how it was barely alive.

I’d do a double-take too. The poor thing probably wouldn’t last any longer unless help arrived.

Fortunately, help did arrive.

It took a while, but the local Sheriff’s office made their way to the scene to help. The dog was in heartbreaking condition.

It was so weak that it couldn’t even stand on its own. They had to lift it gently with a harness to help it up.

YouTube screenshot - Rumble Viral Source: YouTube screenshot - Rumble Viral

Most of his body was covered in a horrifying crash, and his eyes were swollen to a scary extent.

It was almost painful to look at.

The officers and volunteers took the dog to get some emergency care. They also gave the dog a name: Powder.

He needed a lot of help, and it’s a good thing he got it. Local animal rescue and Dezzy’s Second Chance both showed up to help Powder.

Powder’s swollen eyes had to be tended to. Surgery was the only way, but there’s no way he would have survived the operation if they did it now. He had to recover from everything else first.

This wasn’t the only problem with his eyes.

Powder’s eyelids folded inward, thanks to a genetic condition known as entropion. He also had a staph infection.

Once the extent of his rashes was finally diagnosed, they learned he had demodectic mange. Lots of it.

It’d take months to treat everything, but they were going to do it.

When this was finally taken care of, they cleared him for eye surgery.

And look at him now!

Hard work and love do pay off. With all that help, Powder made a remarkable recovery considering how they found him.

To think he almost didn’t make it.

Thanks to the tender love and care from Dezzy’s Second Chance, Powder gets to live as a happy dog again.

They signed him up for some socialization exercises. Unsurprising, considering how shaken he probably was by the abandonment.

But that means he’ll be given a forever home not long after. And that makes us very, very happy.

Hopefully, wherever he ends up gives him all the pets, rubs, and love he deserves. He’s definitely earned it after all he’s been through.

You’re one heck of a survivor, Powder!

Watch the moment Powder was rescued from the Everglades down below!

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Source: Dezzy’s Second Chance on Facebook, Rumble Viral