Dog alerts store owners that he's been dognapped by couple he came in with

Although you can’t converse with animals unless you’re Dr. Dolittle, they do have some sort of communication system. An adorable Australian shepherd puppy named Vango, who is five months old, did just that to save himself from bad dognappers.

The shrewd dog and his dognappers entered a store, and the canine cunningly informed the store owners that something wasn’t right.

The dog was restless.

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All of this transpired in a pet shop in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. Vango did not stop barking and yelling for the business owner to pay attention.

In addition to working at the shop, Yves Jodoin is a canine trainer at Au Royaume des Animaux. He is undoubtedly knowledgeable in dog behavior and was able to recognize right away that something was seriously wrong.

Great thing Yves knew his way around dogs.

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Initially, Yves assumed that the four-footer was merely hungry and barking in anticipation of a reward. Vango continued to bark even after being given a treat, which made Yves more and more suspicious.

“The dog was barking, the dog was poking and he really wanted my attention,” Yves recalled. “I was giving the dog cookies, but the dog was still barking.”

He knew something was definitely up.

Source: CBC Source: Source: CBC

The employee began to piece things together when the couple who brought Vance into the store couldn’t even respond to straightforward inquiries regarding the puppy.

Suspicions started to surface, and as Yves started to inquire about the dog in more basic ways, things only got worse. The couple didn’t even know his age, if he had been sterilized, what foods he typically like, where he was from, or how much they had paid for him.

Yves wasn’t the only one who was suspicious.

Fortunately, Lydia Blouin, another employee, also picked up on the peculiarity. Lydia looked through the local social media pages to see if there were any reports of lost pets.

They quickly discovered Vango’s photograph online after learning that he had been reported missing. He has been missing for a couple of hours before they walked into the store.

And Yves came to a huge realization!

Then, Yves suddenly realized that he already knew Vango since he had trained him as a puppy! What a small world!

“At that point, I said, ‘Vango, come!’ And the dog was reacting, he was jumping,” Yves recounted. “All along, he was barking and poking, trying to say, ‘Hello, I’m not the dog they say I am.'”

At that point, they were sure.

The couple was forced to acknowledge that it wasn’t their dog. Because the lady couldn’t afford a dog and was in terrible condition, they claimed to have found Vango in the woods and wanted to retain him as a support animal for themselves.

The woman in question had been caught and Yves was able to persuade her to leave the animal at the shop. The employee then dialed Josée Francoeur, the actual owner of Vango.

The genuine owner of Vango was greatly taken aback since she knew that her dog wouldn’t simply go off on his own. Vango was in the gated yard for one second, then vanished without a trace.

Thankfully, the universe aligned to reunite Vango and his human—thanks to the staff’s alertness and Vango’s intelligence!

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