Dog and wild deer meet each other in lake – and the deer is really excited to play

Even though most pups are eager to befriend other dogs and sometimes even cats, canines befriending other animal species certainly isn’t something you see every day. However, this first meeting between a dog and a deer couldn’t have gone more perfectly, as their interaction is just absolutely heartwarming.

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The owner of the dog managed to capture footage of this encounter between two beautiful animals, and it’s a true joy to watch.

Yukon, the man’s trusty Golden Retriever, suddenly spotted a wild deer in the woods near a lake. Most dogs would simply run away or ignore this larger animal, but Yukon wouldn’t have any of that. In fact, he was so intrigued and interested and all he wanted to do was to say ‘hello’ and play.

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The pup and his owner regularly take hikes in the local woods, and one day, they encountered this ‘orphaned fawn’ they named Daisy.

And while most might think that a deer would be scared of a canine four-footer, Daisy was most intrigued as well. The interactions they have together can only be described in one word: adorable.

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In the video, we can see the pup playing around in the water fishing for some rocks. Daisy was in the area and kept a very close eye on the four-footer.

What happens next can only be described as incredibly adorable.

The deer behaves just as if she was a dog, and she’s seen jumping and skipping around in the water eagerly wanting to play with her fellow four-footer.

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And this is where the video takes a rather comical turn! Yukon himself didn’t really seem to be in the mood anymore for a play session and kept looking for river rocks. However, Daisy definitely didn’t give up that easily. She keeps hopping around and is basically dancing, as Yukon’s owner likes to call it. What an amazing sight!

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The man decided to post the footage on YouTube, but he didn’t expect the video to go massively viral.

In fact, the dancing deer video has been seen by over 5,5 million people!

“This deer thinks she’s a dog and runs with my dog when we go for a walk. This time she was feeling a little frisky. My dog (Yukon) and (Daisy) an orphaned fawn, became friends briefly. Whenever I took Yukon for a walk, Daisy would suddenly appear. This particular day she was in playful mood but Yukon could care less. He just wanted to collect rocks for me,” the man wrote as the video caption.

The video was shot and uploaded over a decade ago, but it only recently went viral on the internet. Viewers absolutely love this deer and pup duo, and there’s simply no denying that this entertaining clip will lift anyone’s spirits.

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“She is a dancing queen…he can’t see or hear the beat from her tambourine! lol love it ;-)” one person commented about the deer.

There’s plenty of love for the adorable Golden Retriever as well.

“I love how the doggie is going rock collecting. Extremely sweet on all fronts <3”

“This is so wonderful. Thank you for letting us peek into a little piece of nature and our #FellowCreatures :)” another viewer wrote.

Don’t forget to check out this incredible and heartwarming dancing deer in the video below.

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