Camera captures dog bringing bed to his sick brother to keep him comfy

A brother is more than just someone you’re related to by blood. A lot more, in fact! A brother can also be a best friend and life support. And when the time comes that you’ll need him, he will certainly be there!

This touching story of brotherhood is not about humans, but about a dog and his big dog brother.

Ever since they became brothers, Spanky has shown his big brother Roman nothing but pure love. He’s a clingy one – he is always beside his big bro and wherever Roman goes, he goes. They are inseparable!

Facebook/Jackie Rogers Source: Facebook/Jackie Rogers

“Roman is definitely Spanky’s security blanket. Spanky will do nothing without Roman and always makes sure he is close to him and if he’s not he gets up and goes near him,” Jackie Rogers, Roman and Spanky’s aunt, told The Dodo.

The Dodo/Jackie Rogers Source: The Dodo/Jackie Rogers

Just recently, Roman’s left ear started to swell and it looked like it was infected.

His mom brought him to a veterinarian to have him checked, sadly, they found out that he has a hematoma on his ear.

The Dodo/Jackie Rogers Source: The Dodo/Jackie Rogers

They soon scheduled him for a surgery that will take care of it. Unfortunately, however, couldn’t have it right away and they needed to wait.

The sad thing was that as they were waiting for his surgery, his ear’s condition worsened and the poor dog got more anxious about it.

Though Spanky wasn’t aware of the situation, he sensed that his big dog brother wasn’t well.

Though he’s just a dog, he knows his big brother very well. Time was very critical because, as days passed, his ears got worse.

Surprisingly, they noticed that Spanky could sense it too – he became much more careful and worried about his best buddy.

The Dodo/Jackie Rogers Source: The Dodo/Jackie Rogers

“We had to take him back to the vet to confirm he could wait five more days for surgery and I brought Spanky along for the ride, but due to COVID we couldn’t go inside with Roman and for 20 minutes Spanky sat in the car crying/whining/barking until Roman got back,” Rogers said.

Waiting for Roman’s surgery became the surprise of a lifetime.

While they were still waiting for his surgery, they pampered the sick dog with tons of “me time”.

They gave him all the rest that he needed in the world. During the day, while everyone was at work, they had a Ring camera set up where the two dog buds usually hang out. This way, they could check on them at home, especially Roman.

One day, just recently, Rogers was checking the camera and noticed Spanky was just observing his ill brother. The dog looked worried while watching his pal lying on the floor.

Facebook Source: Facebook

Then he did the sweetest thing ever!

“I see Spanky pacing for a minute while looking at Roman and then the bed and then I see him dragging the bed to Roman and as he’s dragging it he’s looking at Roman almost to say, ‘This is for you,’ and then the next clip is them snuggling,” Rogers said. “I had to re-watch it multiple times, I was in disbelief that he did that!”

Spanky’s genuine love and concern for his brother was really off the charts. So he decided to pull his bed over to where his brother was so that he felt more comfortable while resting.

Facebook screenshot/Jackie Rogers Source: Facebook screenshot/Jackie Rogers

Based on the video, Spanky brought the bed to his brother around 10 A.M.

When they got home from work, the two brothers were still all snuggled up.

The Dodo/Jackie Rogers Source: The Dodo/Jackie Rogers

Spanky is the ideal type of brother. He may not know all the details but he knows that his brother isn’t well. And we are sure that he will not leave Roman’s side until he gets better.

Watch sweet Spanky as he looks over his sick brother Roman in the video below.

as many of you know Roman has an ear problem right now and he’s absolutely miserable & not himself, so spanky brought his bed over to him to sleep on 😭🥺😭🥺😭🥺😭🥺😭🥺

Posted by Jackie Rogers on Tuesday, June 16, 2020

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Source: The Dodo, Jackie Rogers