Dog is separated from owner for years, but watch the emotional moment she recognizes his smell

For an animal owner, there’s nothing more heartbreaking than your pet suddenly going missing without a trace. With no idea where your best furry friend is or if he or she is doing alright, your life is suddenly left with a void that is impossible to fill.

Ariel Naveira, The Dodo Source: Ariel Naveira, The Dodo

Pakita, an adorable brown dog, loved exploring the neighborhood and going outside, but one day, she didn’t find her way back home.

She always had the tendency to wander away from the yard just to take a look at what’s out there in the big world. She always managed to retrace her steps back to home and into the loving arms of her owner, but one day, it seemed like she wandered off a little bit too far and got lost. Pakita was completely alone on the streets with no one to go, missing her owner and home greatly.

Arca Animal del Ptdo. de Mar Chiquita, The Dodo Source: Arca Animal del Ptdo. de Mar Chiquita, The Dodo

Luckily, she didn’t have to spend too much time on the streets.

Pakita was noticed by shelter staff from Argentina’s Arca Animal Rescue group. They thought that she was lost and brought her with them to the shelter. The animal rescue group kept her there for a while, making sure she was well-fed and taken care of, as they figured that her owner would arrive in the coming days to reclaim her.

Arca Animal del Ptdo. de Mar Chiquita, The Dodo Source: Arca Animal del Ptdo. de Mar Chiquita, The Dodo

Unfortunately for Pakita, no one ever came looking for her at the shelter – and it started affecting her mood greatly. The poor four-footer felt alone and was also quite scared and timid. In fact, the usually spent her time hiding in a corner avoiding any social contact with the staff or the other animals, and it was even quite the task to get decent pictures for an adoption card.

Because of her timid and anxious personality, no one wanted to adopt Pakita.

Silvia Ferreyra Source: Silvia Ferreyra

All the families that arrived at the shelter took a happier and more social pup home, Pakita was constantly overlooked because she seemed heartbroken beyond repair. However, the staff always kept looking out for her and tried to lift her spirits, and hoped that they would one day find a loving forever home for her.

After a while, they shared photos of Pakita on their social media channels, to try and find a new home for her via the internet.

Almost right away, the staff received a surprising message.

Silvia Ferreyra Source: Silvia Ferreyra

“Immediately, we get a message from a woman saying that the dog was her son’s and that he had been looking for her!” volunteer Silvia Ferreyra said to The Dodo.

It turns out that the woman’s son, Ariel Naveira, had been looking for her for ages! In fact, it’s been two years ever since she ran away from home, and Ariel had pretty much already lost hope at that point. He didn’t think in the slightest that he would see his loving friend again, and he and his mom couldn’t believe it. They decided to go to the shelter right away to make sure it was actually Pakita.

When the man came to see Pakita, she didn’t recognize him at first.

Silvia Ferreyra Source: Silvia Ferreyra

However, after he drops to his knees and Pakita sniffs him, recognizing her owner, she instantly runs in his arms to give him some warm affection.

“From that moment there was no doubt,” he said.

Pakita was absolutely ecstatic! She was jumping around enthusiastically and could never get enough kisses and hugs from Ariel.

Ariel Naveira, The Dodo Source: Ariel Naveira, The Dodo

“It was beautiful. I was sad to lose her, but to get her back was spectacular. There are no words to describe it.”

These two are finally back in each other’s lives again and they couldn’t be happier. What an amazing reunion!

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Source: The Dodo, We Love Animals