Dog shaped clouds have people convinced that all dogs really do go to heaven

Have you ever gazed up into the sky and tried to make out the shapes of the clouds? It’s something most kids have done and something many dreamers still do well into their adulthood. While it’s a fun way to pass the time, there are those special occasions where clouds bear such an uncanny resemblance to a real person or animal, it takes people aback. It’s images in the clouds like these that leave people wondering if there aren’t angels in our skies.

One photo of the clouds reveals a shape that looks so strikingly much like a dog that it has gone viral.

The photo was taken on a palm tree-lined street in a tropical coastal town as the sun was slowly dipping past the horizon.

I Love My Dog So Much Source: I Love My Dog So Much

As the red and golden hues of light saturated the sky, an image of a dog sitting in the clouds appeared.

The unmistakable image has left viewers awe-struck at the resemblance. Not only that, but it has sparked a lot of conversation about how angels take their form.

When we lose a person, people often believe that their loved one has moved on into a different dimension. That they are now angels, limitless in their ability to watch over those they’ve left behind. If there is one thing about dogs, though, it’s that they’re the guardians of their owners.

So, it would make just as much sense for us to see a dog in the clouds and believe it’s an angel as it does to see a human in the clouds and conclude the same thing.


Our dogs are our family, after all.

If we can believe our family members go to Heaven, why not out pups, too? When a dog dies, many people say that they “crossed the rainbow bridge,” but where does this bridge go? Well, if you’re a dog lover you already know the answer to that question.

Anyone that has a special bond with a dog can tell you that they have souls just as much as people do. When we lose our beloved furbabies, it’s comforting to believe that their souls will live on into eternity. That, someday, we might see them again.

So, when clouds appear in the sky shaped like a dog it makes perfect sense to believe there’s a doggy angel among us.

I Love My Dog So Much Source: I Love My Dog So Much

As it turns out, dogs have appeared in clouds to people before.

Many people have managed to capture a photograph of this dog-cloud phenomenon. It’s not just in photos, either. There are many people who tell of uncanny experiences they’ve had shortly after losing a loved one.

Whether it’s their favorite flower springing up earlier than normal, a butterfly or hummingbird flying close to say hello, or if it’s their best friend hanging out in the clouds, millions of people believe that such experiences are their loved ones letting them know that they’re okay.

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It might be reasonable to put it down to some sort of water vapor anomaly if such clouds were a one-off situation, but they aren’t.

A quick google image search will show countless people who have seen dog-shaped clouds, many after having lost one themselves. The most intriguing thing is that not one of them looks like the other. All are as unique as their Earth-bound counterparts.

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With proof like that, we can see why it’s so easy to believe that all dogs really do go to Heaven. If that’s the case, then death should hold no fear.

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