Woman pops her car’s hood after an engine failure – discovers random “smiling” dog inside

It’s safe to say that everything happens for a reason and that fate always has its own way of putting us in such a situation to remind us of the little things that we tend to take for granted.

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Take this woman’s story as an example. She was just living an ordinary day when things started to go bad – and that includes her car’s engine failing. She popped the car’s hood only to find a big surprise smiling at her!

The woman, named Lidiane Braga Carlos, was just trying to run some errands on, what seemed to her as, an ordinary day of the week. However, her day was starting to turn into a bad one. She was heading home following a quick stopover in the town of Campo Largo, Brazil, when her vehicle suddenly stalled and wouldn’t start.

Bothered by what’s happening, she decided to step out of her car and check it out. She popped the hood only to find out that a dog was stuck inside – a smiling dog to be specific.

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Luckily, the dog wasn’t harmed – not at all.

“It was a big fright! Could you imagine a dog in the engine? I was so worried about whether he was hurt or not,” Lidiane told The Dodo.

Lidiane Braga Carlos/The Dodo Source: Lidiane Braga Carlos/The Dodo

Fortunately, the grinning dog wasn’t hurt despite his unimaginable situation inside of the car’s engine. It even looked like the dog was somehow feeling cozy inside. Lidiane immediately called the fire department and asked for help. Before help even arrived, she and some equally surprised passersby managed to pull the dog outside of the vehicle’s machine.

Now that the little pooch was out of her car, the engine then started to rev and Lidiane drove the dog straight to the veterinarian. She wanted to make sure that he wasn’t harmed – and thankfully, it was all green and safe for the lucky pup.

“Thank God he wasn’t hurt,” Lidiane said with relief.

Everyone was still wondering how the dog ended up inside of the car’s engine and where it came from.

How the dog got into Lidiane’s engine was still a mystery to them. They are also puzzled as to where it came from. Nevertheless, she said that the dog appeared to be friendly and healthy, so it’s likely the dog was either lost or abandoned by his owner. What matters the most to Lidiane is that the dog is safe.

Lidiane Braga Carlos/The Dodo Source: Lidiane Braga Carlos/The Dodo

Lidiane’s family is currently taking good care of the dog, and luckily for the pooch, her family is full of animal lovers. They have decided to keep him while they search for his original owner. But if they can’t find the owner, then Lidiane will be glad to officially adopt him as one of her own.

This story goes to show that fate moves in mysterious ways. What originally appears as a bad day could end up changing your life for the better. Always remember that surprises come in all sorts of packages – and that apparently includes car engines.

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Source: The Dodo