Dog eagerly waits every week for her favorite garbage man to show up

Dogs, like humans, are social creatures.

It may have been caused by decades of living together. Since we evolved into a species that live in urban centers and neighborhoods, we brought our dogs to the same environment.

TikTok Screenshot - @ishaan_chatterjee Source: TikTok Screenshot - @ishaan_chatterjee

As such, our canine friends have developed a sense of trust toward good people they meet regularly like neighbors, postal staff, and sanitary workers.

One video on TikTok became viral because it showed the amazing friendship between man and beast.

The video starts with Lily the Labrador sitting by the grass and looking towards the gate. You can see that she was anxiously waiting for something, or in this case, someone.

TikTok Screenshot - @ishaan_chatterjee Source: TikTok Screenshot - @ishaan_chatterjee

For those who follow dog-related content, we can easily assume that this dog is waiting for a postman or a logistics driver like the UPS guy. But this dog has made friends with someone as ubiquitous in the neighborhood.

Lily was apparently waiting for the garbage collector.

As soon as the white garbage disposal truck pulled up just outside the gate, Lily was the first to greet the sanitary staff.

TikTok Screenshot - @ishaan_chatterjee Source: TikTok Screenshot - @ishaan_chatterjee

Her greeting wasn’t just a simple “hello”, though. Lily was jumping and glomping on the sanitary worker. Her tail was wagging so enthusiastically like she has seen Christmas in person.

TikTok Screenshot - @ishaan_chatterjee Source: TikTok Screenshot - @ishaan_chatterjee

The video made it clear too that this wasn’t the first encounter between the two. The garbage collector got down on one knee so he could interact with Lily on her level.

The excited dog quickly asked for the man to play with her.

She kept giving him high-fives then would jump around in between. She’d run away from him for a few steps then would sprint back for more cuddles.

TikTok Screenshot - @ishaan_chatterjee Source: TikTok Screenshot - @ishaan_chatterjee

For her good behavior, the garbage man would offer her some treats. Some may call it cheating, but this is definitely the fastest way to a dog’s heart.

It wasn’t specified when or how the two became friends.

But it’s fairly obvious that they both took a liking to each other. Meanwhile, her human was satisfied to just let this interaction take off on its own.

TikTok Screenshot - @ishaan_chatterjee Source: TikTok Screenshot - @ishaan_chatterjee

He just recorded the bond between Lily and her best friend and shared it with the world. It wasn’t surprising that the video got plenty of interactions.

The video amassed over 300,000 likes on TikTok alone.

It has also been shared for thousands of times and has a couple of thousand comments under the post. And in the comment section, people can’t help but express their appreciation for the two.


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“Dog has a calendar in his fridge. That’s how she knows it’s Friday.” Said one comment.

“This guy is rock solid. Has a bunch of work to do but shows his friend some love.” said one who praised the garbage collector’s actions. It is widely known that other logistics personnel do this too and it might be because it’s an encounter they all look forward to.


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“It’s probably an encounter they both look forward to. It’s just so nice to see people having fun.” Another commenter agreed.

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