Doggie School Bus picks up dogs and brings them on play-dates while their owners are at work

If you love dogs, and since you’re reading this we’re betting you do, then prepare to be more jealous than you have ever been. An Oregon man named Arat Montoya has the day job you never knew you always wanted. He drives the Doggie School Bus.

Not only does he drive it, but the entrepreneurial dog lover also owns and operates it!

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Arat runs his business out of West Linn, Oregon where he lives and his surrounding community benefits from his very unique set of services. He takes your dogs to “school”.

The free-spirited businessman wakes up each morning with a set routine to follow. He drives over to each of his client’s homes, offering curbside service to load up their dogs onto the Doggie School Bus.

So where is school, you might ask?

He drives them out to a rural, fenced-in, 5-acre property on a wooded lot where they can freely roam while they play with each other and burn off all that extra energy. Sounds more like doggie Heaven, right? The best perk is that your dogs get to experience it in the here and now.

Facebook/Doggie School Bus Source: Facebook/Doggie School Bus

If you’re wondering if Arat is the right man for the job, you can rest assured that he definitely is. He has been successfully running his Doggie School Bus services for the past 3 years now. While that may not seem very long, Arat has a lifetime of experience with dogs that he brings to the table with him.

He spent years working at the Dog Club of West Linn until they went out of business. He managed to keep a few clients by catering to them privately. This was working out for him just fine back in 2016, until he learned that his wife was pregnant.

All of a sudden, Arat realized he needed to grow his business and fast!

Arat also happens to be brilliant at thinking outside the box. While he was weighing his options, a genius idea came to him. He ordered custom decals and applied them to his Scion xB along with black stripes to convert his car into the Doggie School Bus prototype.

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Thankfully, Arat lives off of a busy street in the popular West Linn area. He parked his newly converted doggie bus at the end of his driveway and walked away hoping for the best.

He had no idea just how effective that one little idea would be.

“I got 16 customers within two weeks. People were going bananas,” exclaims Arat to Oregon Live news.

With the sudden surge in business, Arat knew he was going to have to make an upgrade to his doggie transport vehicle. So, he purchased a big yellow van to accommodate all of his new fur-buddies.

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Fast-forward three years later to 2019, and Arat has grown his doggie clientele to over 300 happy dogs!

He gets to spend each day with a different pack of school-pups, boarding as many 30 at a time. Though, if a particular pack is a little more rambunctious, he’ll keep it to 20. He charges $30 per day, and begins pick-ups at 7:00 a.m. and loads them up for drop-offs at 2:00 p.m.

Between crazy games of fetch, playing around the acreage with the other dogs and Arat himself, the dogs are all happily tuckered and ready for home at the day’s end.

“He’s always happy when he comes home, and he loves going,” said one of Arat’s doggie mom’s to Oregon Live.

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According to Arat, the feeling is mutual.

“I’m the happiest man in the world doing what I’m doing,” the dog lover said.

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Any size dog, of any age and any breed, is welcome aboard the Doggie School Bus, so long as they aren’t distempered. If you’re wondering how all these dogs get along, Arat says he’s never had a problem with pit bulls or rottweilers, but chihuahuas are an entirely different story.

“I’ve never had an issue with a pitbull. I’ve never had an issue with a German shepherd or a Rottweiler but, let me tell you, I’ve had an issue with a Chihuahua,” he said.

With his business now booming, Arat is currently renovating yet another van to add to the Doggie School Bus fleet.

He also said he’s looking to hire more drivers/caretakers for the many dogs his business caters to, but that is proving tougher than he thought it would. He’s already burned through 3 hires that didn’t work out because of one small problem; the dogs only seem to have eyes for Arat.

“I’ve tried three people, and the dogs, they don’t behave as they do with me,” he explains.

Facebook/Doggie School Bus Source: Facebook/Doggie School Bus

We can’t blame the dogs at all. Arat is a wonderful man who came up with an amazingly creative business plan to serve all the sweet doggies in his neighborhood. If you’d like to learn more about Arat and the Doggie School Bus, watch the video below.

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