Stray dogs stand guard over blind elderly woman sleeping by river

Dogs, above all other animals, are known for their unwavering loyalty. Whether that be loyalty to their pack, their fur siblings, or their humans, once a dog attaches itself to something, there is no undoing it.

This sentiment about dogs was recently put on full display in Nepal, where two dogs stood guard over a sleeping elderly woman.

Facebook/Ake Srisuwan Source: Facebook/Ake Srisuwan

The woman in question was not only elderly, but she is also blind and was clearly a little the worse for wear.

The woman was wet and covered in mud. Her clothes looked ratty and drenched as she was curled up next to the lapping water at the river’s edge.

It just so happened a young man named Ake Srisuwan had been out taking pictures when he spotted the two dogs.

Facebook/Ake Srisuwan Source: Facebook/Ake Srisuwan

Standing at a distance, Ake wasn’t all that sure of what he was seeing at first. Using his camera, though, he zoomed in toward the unexpected sight.

The moment his lense came into focus, Ake was hit hard by a touching scene.

The two dogs he’d spotted were quietly standing guard over the sleeping old woman on the riverbank.

Facebook/Ake Srisuwan Source: Facebook/Ake Srisuwan

Deeply moved by the dogs’ devotion to the old woman, Ake uploaded the photos he’d taken to Facebook, to share the precious moment with everyone else.

The photo of the dogs protecting the woman went viral.

People were just a moved as Ake by the touching scene, and after the photo had been shared enough, the local authorities eventually took notice as well. When they did, they headed out in search of the mysterious lady and her two devoted companions.

When they found her, the dogs were still standing guard. A local news outlet later reported that the woman was treated and tended to at a local hospital, followed by her two loyal dogs.

Flickr/Paul Trafford Source: Flickr/Paul Trafford

Needless to say, these two dogs are the perfect example that there are angels in this world.

It should come to us as no surprise (and indeed, it doesn’t), that so many people believe these dogs to be angelic beings.

In fact, there are countless tales, myths, legends, and testimonies of the unrivaled loyalty and compassion of dogs. This is evident in the many cultures that build shrines for and statues of dogs, of both legend and those in life.

Nepal itself hosts an entire day of celebration of the spiritual nature of dogs as part of a week-long festival known as Tihar. This may have been why Ake found the scene to be so touching, coming from a place that already puts a deep spiritual value on the nature of dogs.

NPS/Steve Arthur Source: NPS/Steve Arthur

Dogs are just as majestic and mysterious as their genetic ancestors, the wolves.

As such, dogs display the same type of ‘pack’ behavior as wolves. Those who are stronger look after the weakest in the pack. It appears that these tendencies carry over into their relationships with humans, as well.

Once these caring dogs decided that the woman was part of their pack, they never left her side.

Who knows what would have happened to her if these angels hadn’t stood guard over her and drawn the young photographer’s eye to her situation?

Thankfully, no one will ever have to find out.

In a world that can often seem cold and cruel, it’s good to know that our animal friends are here to safely see us through it.

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H/T: iHeartDogs/Ake Srisuwan