Study finds dog’s hearts race when they hear their humans say “I love you”

Dogs show affection for their human companions by giving them big wet kisses, cuddling up to them, and greeting them at the door. Whether your dog can’t stop wagging their tail or jumping up on you when you return home, you know they love you with all their heart.

Sometimes people give verbal affection to their pets too.

Many humans probably assume their dogs don’t understand it when they say “I love you” to them, but according to a study conducted by Canine Cottages, they do.

The UK vacation rental company focuses on dog-friendly rentals and decided to conduct a study on what makes our canine companions happy. They attached heart monitors to dogs as they ran them through various scenarios and the results were heartwarming, to say the least.

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The study found that dogs love hearing their humans say “I love you” quite a bit.

In fact, the study found canine heart rates increased by 46.2% when they hear those three special words.

Hearing “I love you” was even more exciting to the pups than their owners coming home, which increased their heart rates by just over 10%. Cuddling with their humans was found to decrease their heart rate by 22.7% too, indicating this was a particularly relaxing scenario for them.

It's official – puppers love their hoomans!! 🙌⁠Equipped with doggy heart rate monitors, we measured our pets’…

Posted by Canine Cottages onSunday, September 13, 2020

Canine Cottages posted the results of their study on Facebook.

They captioned the post with the following:

“Equipped with doggy heart rate monitors, we measured our pets’ reactions to find out what really excites our pups – and found that their heart rate increases by 46% when we say ‘I love you’!”

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Saying “I love you” to another person can be difficult for many people. It’s very easy to say to a pet who has captured your heart, however.

Many pet owners likely assumed saying “I love you” to their pets was more for them than it was for their pets. It seems this simple act has an enormously positive impact on dogs, however.

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The tone of voice the words are said in plays a role too.

The study found that when the words are said in a higher-pitched tone or in what some would call a “baby voice” it has a larger impact.

Dogs actually listen better and prefer it when they can hear love and affection in their human’s voice.

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This is an important study for anyone who is motivated to give their pets the best life they possibly can.

Saying “I love you” and being verbally affectionate with your dog clearly has a positive impact on them. It is also an easy way for you to make them feel happy.

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Loving your dog isn’t just good for them, however.

Being around pets and people has a relaxing effect and can even lower blood pressure in people. A good friend, whether a dog or a human, can improve your health just by being in your life.

You can help create a positive impact on the world just by visiting your local shelter, adopting a pet, and telling them you love them as often as you can.

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